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International Drug Trafficking Network Unveiled: Tamil Film Producer Mastermind on the Run

February 25, 2023 @New Delhi| In a joint operation, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested at least three individuals in Delhi, uncovering an international drug trafficking network involved in a trade estimated at 2,000 crore INR. The mastermind behind this network is identified as a Tamil film producer, though currently, reports suggest that he is on the run.

According to a senior NCB official, the film producer and his gang engaged in drug trafficking, with an estimated value of around 2,000 crore INR in recent times. The drugs, primarily pseudoephedrine chemical used in the production of dangerous synthetic drugs like methamphetamine, were concealed in mixed food powder and dried coconuts, then shipped via air and sea cargo to Australia and New Zealand. The network extended its operations to India, New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia.

International link of Drug racket…
Pseudoephedrine, a chemical with a market value of approximately 1.5 crore INR per kilogram in Australia and New Zealand, is used to manufacture methamphetamine. Despite its legal uses, India strictly regulates its production, possession, trade, export, and use as a controlled substance under the NDPS Act of 1985, carrying penalties of up to 10 years for illegal possession and trade.

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The racket was exposed based on information from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), indicating Delhi as the source. A joint team of Delhi Police Special Cell and NCB was formed to dismantle the network.

NCB made disclosure due to foreign input
After extensive technical and regional surveillance lasting four months, the team discovered that the gang in Delhi was attempting to send another consignment to Australia. A suspicious warehouse in West Delhi’s Basai Darapur was identified.

On February 15, during an attempt to pack pseudoephedrine in a shipment of multi-grain food mix, NCB and Special Cell personnel raided the warehouse, leading to the seizure of 50 kilograms of pseudoephedrine and the arrest of three individuals, all hailing from Tamil Nadu.

NCB’s Deputy Director-General, Gyaneshwar Singh, revealed that during interrogation, the arrested individuals disclosed sending a total of 45 shipments in the past three years, containing approximately 3,500 kilograms of pseudoephedrine, valued at over 2,000 crore INR in the international market. The mastermind behind this syndicate is identified as a Tamil film producer who is currently evading capture, prompting ongoing efforts to apprehend him and trace the primary source of pseudoephedrine.

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Speaking to True to life on Monday APRO of Delhi Police, Ranjay Abrisya said that in this operation conducted by NCB and Delhi Police, Delhi Police has arrested the accused while playing the role of subsidiary. One of the arrested accused belongs to England.Further investigation is going on by the NCB team.

Special report by Mohit Sabdani from Rajasthan

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