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UP woman accidentally shot dies, cop on the run!

Tragic Incident Unfolds

Senior Superintendent of Police of Aligarh shared status with True to Life in a case where a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh, mistakenly shot by Sub Inspector Manoj Sharma on 8th December inside the police station.

While speaking on 14th December with ‘True to Life’ Senior Superintendent Of Police of Aligarh Kalanidhi Naithani said, “an FIR has been registered and the accused policeman is absconding. A bounty of Rs.20,000 has been placed on his capture.”

Social media circulated CCTV footage capturing the incident where Ishrat Nigar, accompanied by her son, entered into the Kotwali police station and waited. Subsequently, a police official approached Sharma, stationed behind a desk, delivering a loaded revolver. During the sub-inspector attempt to clean the pistol, an inadvertent discharge occurred, resulting in a bullet striking Nigar, causing her to collapse on the ground. The entire sequence unfolded in the publicized video.

Tragic Outcome

The severely wounded woman was quickly transported to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, where she underwent treatment. Unfortunately, she passed away from her injuries on Thursday. Security measures have been heightened both at the hospital and the Kotwali police station in response to the incident. A dedicated team of medical professionals is diligently engaged in the comprehensive post-mortem examination of the individual who tragically met their demise. The intricate machinery of legal procedures is actively in motion, navigating the intricate facets associated with such circumstances. In a gesture of empathy, the Aligarh police extend heartfelt condolences to the grieving family, recognizing the profound sorrow enveloping them.

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Kalanidhi Naithani, the distinguished Senior Superintendent of Police in Aligarh, provides assurance that the prevailing law and order situation is vigilantly monitored and effectively managed, contributing to the overall stability and security of the community during this challenging time.

Sub-Inspector Manoj Sharma Evades Authorities

SSP Naithani informed TtL, “The individual who provided the loaded revolver has been apprehended and placed in judicial custody. Sub-Inspector Manoj Kumar Sharma is currently evading authorities. An investigation is in progress, and a reward of ₹20,000 has been announced for information leading to his capture.” On asking he added, “Before investigation I can’t say if it’s intentional or accidental. After finding him, we’ll investigate the matter. Murder charges can be on him, before investigation can’t say anything.”

Former Samajwadi Party MLA Urges Fairness and Justice

Upon reaching the medical college, ex-Samajwadi Party MLA Zameer Ullah Khan conveyed his sadness regarding the regrettable incident. He inquired about the identity of the perpetrator, emphasizing the need to distinguish between a police officer and a criminal. Khan stressed that the incident should not stain the reputation of the entire police force. He urged the government to investigate whether the accused was a criminal in uniform, expressing apprehension about the delayed response and calling for justice.

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To prevent incidents like this implementing the following measures can help:

  1. Intensive Training: Ensure thorough and ongoing training for law enforcement officers, emphasizing proper handling and use of firearms in various scenarios.
  2. Strict Adherence to Procedures: Reinforce adherence to established safety procedures when handling weapons. Regularly review and update protocols to reflect best practices.
  3. Use of Non-Lethal Force: Encourage the use of non-lethal force options when appropriate, reducing the risk of accidental harm in situations that don’t require deadly force.

By: Ankitaa Bal From Kolkata Reporting for ‘True To Life’

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