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FAKE JOURNALIST HELD! On Pretext Of Exposing

Munna Patel Arrested for Extortion in Nagpur

A 45-year-old man, Munna Patel, has been apprehended by Ambazari Police in Nagpur, Maharashtra, for impersonating a journalist and extorting ₹20,000 from a cafe owner. The incident came to light on Monday when True To Life confirmed the arrest.


Munna Patel, initially identified by a fake name, was later revealed to be Mushtaq Ahmed Khan Patel. The authorities seized a counterfeit identity card and a mobile device during the investigation, establishing crucial evidence against him.

Assistant Police Inspector Santosh Boyane disclosed on Monday that Munna Patel used an alias, and the recovery of the forged document and mobile phone played a pivotal role in unraveling the incident.

Modus Operandi

On the night of November 29, Munna Patel visited Sosha Cafe in Gokulepeth, posing as a journalist with a forged ID. He proceeded to record videos of customers, threatening to expose suspicious activities. Patel demanded ₹1 lakh from the newly appointed manager, threatening to involve the police if the amount was not paid. Fearing repercussions, the manager handed over ₹20,000 in the absence of the cafe owner.

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Criminal History

Munna Patel, a repeat offender with a history of similar crimes across various police stations in Nagpur, now faces charges under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code, including extortion and criminal intimidation. He is currently in judicial custody at Tihad Jail in Delhi NCR, as confirmed by API Boyane.

Cafe Owner’s Response

Avinash Bhusari, the cafe owner, promptly filed a complaint with Ambazari Police Station upon discovering the extortion attempt. API Boyane commended Bhusari’s swift action, emphasizing that Patel’s arrest showcases the community’s resilience against exploitation. The arrest stands as a testament to the authorities’ commitment to curbing coercive actions, ensuring justice, and safeguarding establishments from malicious intent.

Motive Behind Extortion

API Boyane revealed that Patel’s calculated attempt to extort money aimed not only for financial gain but also to tarnish Sosha Cafe’s reputation. The community’s decisive response underscores their commitment to thwarting such exploitative endeavors.

Past Incidents

Munna Patel has a history of similar cases, including an incident in Shantinagar in 2022. He approached the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), requesting money related to raids, and was arrested on September 30, 2022.

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The incident involving Munna Patel has reverberated across Nagpur, drawing widespread attention and highlighting the impact of his actions. His engagement with law enforcement, spanning various precincts, including Dhantoli and Pancholi Police Stations, has been extensively reported.

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