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Renuka swamy Murder Case: Message, comment, meeting and a crime 17 arrest.

Nowadays superstar Dharshan Thogudeepa is on spotlight, not because of his upcoming movie but because of a murder , and the murder of one of his fans, police investigation is ongoing but the question is who was the person who got killed, why Darshan is on spotlight, how the murder committed the crime. According to the National record bureau data from 2022, In India everyday 78 people get murdered and most of them are brutally committed, and this case has a twist .

Story behind this murder :

According to police investigation it started on 8 June when renuka Swami from Chitradurg, He was kidnapped and taken to kamakshipalya and brutally beaten under a shade and to erase all the evidence his dead body was thrown into the drain. When the people passing by the drain caught sight of the dead body they informed the police.
After which the police started the investigation and sent the dead body for postmartem. Police was handling this as a suicide case but the doctor who attended Renukaswami dead body revealed the fact .
According to the postmartem report there were burning signs on his body, The doctor also revealed that his nose, tongue and jaws were broken and numbers of bones were also damaged, it seems like his head was banged on the wall which caused a fracture in his head the doctor said .

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The names of 17 accused are revealed:

Bengaluru police have revealed 17 names in which accused number 1 is Pavitra Gauda , number 2 Darshan, number 3 Pawan, number 4 Raghvendra, number 5 Nandesh, number 6 jagdeesh, number 7 is Anu, number 8 Ravi, number 9 Raju, number 10 Vinay, number 11 Nagaraju, number 12 Lakshman, number 13 Deepak, number 14 Pradosh, number 15 Kartik, number 16 Nikhil . All the accused were taken to the Magistrate Court and their 6 days police custody will get over this Sunday
In this case police have revealed many facts like Darshan was connected to all the other accused through WhatsApp, and when Renuka came in front of him he beated Renuka with his belt and handed him to other killers, after that they surrendered in police station where they made a fake story and told that to police. Police did not believed in them and started asking more questions after which the murders spelled the truth and said that to kill Renukaswami they got 30 lakh of ransom, 5 lakh was already paid in advance. They also accepted that they used sticks and glass bottles to kill her . But the mobile phone of Renukaswami is still missing, It is said that her mobile phone has a video which will bring a big turn in this case

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Victim also have allegations:
Renuka swamy was one of the fans of Darshan, He used to watch all of his movies on the first day of release. Renuka’s missing phone contains lots of evidence in which that video is also included. In that video he was apologizing to Darshan. According to internal sources police have already detained 10 mobile phones and sent them for forensic tests, and they are still searching for Renuka’s mobile phone.
According to police last location of Renuka swamy’s mobile phone near the drain where his dead body was found . Now we have to see if this case will be solved or will disappear like other VIP cases.

Sajal Raghuwanshi from DELHI

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