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Karni Sena Chief’s Murder: Acp Jaipur Reveals Plot!

Inside ACP Jaipur’s Revelation

In an exclusive revelation to ‘True to Life,’ Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kailash Chandra Bishnoi unfolded the plot behind the murder of Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena Chief, Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi. ACP Bishnoi emphasized that it was a meticulously planned and targeted killing orchestrated from higher authorities.

Unraveling the Conspiracy

Following the arrest of Nitin Fauji, the Rajasthan police delved into the intricate details of Gogamedi’s murder. They probed Fauji about his association with Lawrence Bishnoi’s associate Rohit Godara, the one who claimed responsibility on Facebook. Questions also arose about his ties with weapon supplier Virendra Charan, monetary transactions, and connections to other accused individuals like Naveen Shekhawat and Rohit Rathore.

The Shooter Unveiled

Nitin Fauji, identified as the shooter, trained in the Army, fired more bullets during the assault, as evident in CCTV footage. ACP Bishnoi credited the success of their intelligence surveillance, coupled with human and technical surveillance, for the timely arrest. A reward of Rs 5 lakh was announced for information leading to the accused, though they were apprehended through the relentless efforts of the police.

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Gogamedi’s Tragic Assassination

On December 5 in Jaipur, Gogamedi was shot in his home by assailants Rohit Rathore and Nitin Fauji. Ramveer Jat, involved in the conspiracy, facilitated Fauji’s actions. The perpetrators, disguised as meeting attendees, entered Gogamedi’s residence and opened fire after a brief conversation. The police, seeking public cooperation, are actively investigating this distressing incident.

Key Interrogation Points

Nitin Fauji faced inquiries regarding various aspects of the case:

  • Encounter with Rohit Godara
  • Association with weapon supplier Virendra Charan
  • Amount offered for Gogamedi’s murder
  • Acquaintance with Rohit Rathore and Naveen Shekhawat
  • Motive behind killing Naveen Shekhawat
  • Assistance in escaping after the crime

Jaipur’s ACP Bishnoi shed light on the accused Ramveer’s close ties with Fauji, detailing their shared background and events leading up to the incident.

By: Ankitaa Bal
From Kolkata
Reporting for ‘True To Life’

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