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Frustrated watchman murders 6 year-old Agra girl!

A six-year-old girl was brutally murdered by a watchman in Etmadpur, Agra, after she was kidnapped while playing outside her home on 30th of December, Saturday. Rajveer Singh, a watchman tasked with protecting agricultural areas from wandering cattle, is currently being prosecuted under Section 302 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The youngster was stolen by Rajveer, who then attempted to sexually abuse her. When that failed, he gave the small girl a bruising to the face, rendering her unrecognizable, then he pushed her off, allowing her to sink to death in a water tank. 

SHO of Etmadpur informed to True To Life on Monday, “Watchman used to work there for 2 years straight. The girl was found dead and recovered around 5 pm in the evening in a pile of garbage on Saturday.” 

DCP Suraj Kumar Rai confirmed the authenticity of this news to TTL.

Initially the 45 year old watchman, feigned assistance in search of the girl alongside her family. But suspicion arose when the forensic team came with a Labrador dog named Jabbar, and he kept barking continuously upon encountering the accused. He was caught within four hours of the atrocious episode. A probe was launched by Etmadpur Police, and Rajveer confessed to his crime. 

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SHO of Etmadpur also notified TTL that a press report was published by the Commisioner of Police of Agra on X (formerly Twitter).

Indeed, this tragic incident raises a haunting question about the fundamental trustworthiness of those within our immediate surroundings. The watchman’s two-year tenure in the area underscores a grievous breach of trust, casting a chilling shadow on the perceived safety in familiar faces. Such distressing news has become an all-too-frequent occurrence, showcasing the vulnerability of even the youngest members of our society to heinous acts of assault and murder. The escalating peril faced by young girls is symptomatic of a deep-rooted societal affliction, a stark reality that unveils a disconcerting trend. It’s a poignant reflection of a world spiraling toward its bleakest manifestation.

In today’s world, it’s tough because we can’t always trust the people we know. It’s scary because sometimes even the people we rely on can be dangerous. Especially for girls, things can be really scary because they often face dangers that can hurt them. This shows that we urgently need to think about our society and work together to protect those who are most at risk. As time goes on, things seem to be getting scarier, making it really important for us to face these tough problems and try hard to make our society safer and kinder for everyone.

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Sources : Times of India, ETV Bharat etc

By Soujanya Das Roy

From Kolkata

Reporting for True To Life

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