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Gurugram Tragedy: Man Slits Wife, Hospitalizes Son, Commits Suicide

Tragic Incident Unfolds in Gurugram

Sub-Inspector Harish Bhardwaj, in an update to ‘True To Life’ on 2nd January, confirmed the safety and hospitalization of Gaurav’s son. Simultaneously, he delivered the heartbreaking news of the tragic murder of Laxmi Rawat, Gaurav Sharma’s 23-year-old wife, at the hands of her husband.

Gaurav Sharma, a 30-year-old man, killed his wife in their Gurugram flat by slitting her throat with a sharp object. He further assaulted her by thrashing her head with a brick and also attacked his son with the same brick. He left his son beside his lifeless mother’s pool of blood, locking the room. CCTV footage revealed that hours after the alleged murder, Gaurav traveled to Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad by Delhi Metro and then died by suicide by jumping off the elevated Kaushambi Metro station on Monday, January 1.

Ongoing Investigation and Heartbreaking Details

SI Bharadwaj stated, “The reason for the murder is still under investigation. Families and relatives are being questioned. When the police were trying to reach Gaurav, he committed suicide.” The tragic incident occurred Sunday afternoon after the couple had an argument at their rented first-floor accommodation in the S Block of DLF Phase 3.

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Neighbors heard the boy’s cries and informed the security guard, who discovered the locked house and alerted the police. Upon entering the house, the police found the woman’s body alongside the injured child, crying beside her.

According to the police, the deceased woman’s mobile phone was discovered resting on the toilet seat. Following the postmortem, the woman’s body was handed over to her family. Meanwhile, the injured child received initial treatment at a local civil hospital before being transferred to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. The child was later released to the woman’s family, who took him to their hometown in Agra.

Background and Escape

The deceased, originally from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, had entered into an arranged marriage three years prior. Gaurav Sharma, previously employed in a private company, had been unemployed lately. The couple had relocated to their current residence approximately six months ago. Following the incident, Gaurav fled, prompting a police search.

His phone was found out of service, but the police received information around 11:45 pm that a person had allegedly committed suicide after jumping from the Kaushambi metro station in Ghaziabad.

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Similar Incidents in Ghaziabad Echoing Tragedy

Previous incidents in Ghaziabad involving joint suicides underscore the need for addressing domestic violence and strengthening support systems for victims. These cases highlight the urgency of early intervention and counselling in strained relationships. The community is left searching for answers following this tragic event.

Community Repercussions

Such incidents emphasize the necessity of child-friendly support services and the importance of safeguarding vulnerable children in such situations. The traumatic experience of Gaurav’s son and his subsequent hospitalization brings attention to child protection and welfare mechanisms.

Sources: LiveMint, Times of India By Ankitaa Bal From Kolkata Reporting for ‘True To Life’

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