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ACP shuts down rumours on Bangalore murder! Confirms to TtL

In a latest development, Bangalore police ridiculed the rumours of involvement of more than one person regarding Senior geologist Prathima KS murder case in Karnataka on Nov 7.

Today while speaking to ‘True to Life’, Assistant Commissioner of Police of Subramanyapura Sub- division,  Karnataka,confirmed to us,” Driver got arrested. No other person is involved in this case and the Police are continuing the investigation in their own way.”

His statement hence clarified any rumours surrounding the case.

A 45-year-old senior geologist, Prathima KS, was killed in Bengaluru after returning home from work. She was strangled and had her throat slit.

“We suspect that the miscreants had been waiting for Prathima’s return.

Soon after she entered the house, she kept her belongings on a table in the hall and went to her bedroom.The marks on her neck look like they used a wire to strangle her. Prathima was found lying face down on the floor in the bedroom,” an investigating officer.

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Previously three suspects were detained for questioning, and the police are investigating various angles, including her reports on illegal mining and a possible family dispute. Prathima had recently filed a report about illegal quarrying on four acres of land at Hunasamaranahalli, near Yelahanka.

On Sunday morning , her brother Pratish found Prathima’s body in her house. Three special teams were formed to investigate the matter.

Prathima’s Background

Prathima was married to Sathyanarayan for 16 years and lived in the Doddakallasandra house for the past five years. The couple’s son studies in class 10 at a residential school in Dakshina Kannada district. The driver of the murdered Karnataka government officer has confessed his involvement in the crime.

Speaking to reporters, Bengaluru Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Rahul Kumar Shahapurwad said, “After interrogation, the former driver admitted to murdering the woman. After investigating from multiple angles, we had suspected her former driver who was recently sacked by her and detained him.”

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“The woman fired her driver who was working on a contract basis in the department. On Saturday night, he reached the woman’s house and pleaded with her to rehire him. After she refused, the accused murdered her on spot and fled the scene,” he added.

Kiran had been employed by Pratima K S, who worked in the Department of Mines and Geology. The murder took place at Prathima’s residence in Doddakallasandra, under the jurisdiction of the Subramanyapura police station. The top cop stated that Kiran confessed to the murder after being removed from the job a week ago.

Further a police officer stated, “The front door of her house was open, and her body was lying on the floor.”

The DCP summed up by describing the sequence of the event by stating, “On Saturday night, after she returned from work, she opened the house door and went inside. The door was left open, and soon after she arrived home, the accused also entered the house behind her and killed her. He first strangled her and later slit her throat with a kitchen knife, which is yet to be recovered.”

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The DCP noted that Pratima had been residing alone in the same house for the last four to five years, as she has been working in Bengaluru Urban for the last four years.

By : Ankitaa Bal

From Kolkata

Reporting for ‘True to Life’

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