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Local Criminal Helps Cops Solve Filmnagar Murder!

Unraveling a Grisly Crime

Filmnagar police, in collaboration with a former criminal, cracked a couple’s murder case that sent shockwaves through Hyderabad’s Film Nagar in late November. MGS Ramakrishna, SHO of Filmnagar, shared insights with ‘True to Life.’

He revealed, “Quadri, the husband of Fatima, was murdered first. He had financial issues with Shaikh, one of the accused. He has confessed to me that he murdered the victim. After getting arrested, now he is in remand.”

Financial Dispute Turns Deadly

One of the three individuals, Mohd. Salman, was apprehended and admitted to the murders. He identified his accomplices as Asghar Shaikh and Mohammed Hussain from Mumbai.

A financial dispute arose when Shaikh demanded the Rs. 20 lakh investment he made in Quadri’s business three years ago. The disagreement escalated, resulting in a quarrel on November 29. Subsequently, Shaikh and his associates smothered Quadri to death and buried his body near a tank.

Entering Quadri’s residence with a key, they waited for his wife, Fatima. Upon her return, they demanded money. When she refused, they killed her, hid the body beneath the mattress, secured the apartment, and fled. Fatima worked as a dietician at a corporate hospital, while Quadri was involved in goat trading.

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Former Criminal’s Key Role

Facing challenges in identifying the three individuals captured on CCTV, a former criminal stepped in to assist the police in recognizing one of the suspects. Detective Inspector K. Ramesh Goud emphasized, “Former criminals help us by providing information. We carefully verify the details before taking action.”

The credibility of the information and the individual’s motives are scrutinized before relying on their assistance in an investigation.

Breakthrough and Arrests

The photo was presented to a local criminal, who identified Mohammed Salman and provided crucial information. Utilizing this lead, the police located Salman. Asghar Shaikh and Mohammed Hussain were apprehended in Mumbai on Saturday.

Approximately 9 tolas of gold taken from Fatima, along with the apartment safe, were recovered. The incident unfolded when Syeda Meraj Fatima’s sister couldn’t contact her, leading to a complaint and subsequent investigations.

Assistant Commissioner of Police of Jubilee Hills Division stated, “Nothing can be said now as this case is under investigation.”

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By: Ankitaa Bal From Kolkata Reporting for ‘True To Life’

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