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LPG Cylinders explode near Pune Airport, Symbiosis

Explosions startled the residents of Pune after ten LPG cylinders out of 100, stored illegally in a tin shed ignited in an open plot in Vimannagar, following a fire around 2.45pm on Wednesday.

As the site was barely a kilometer away from the Lohegaon airport and close to the prominent Symbiosis campus, the explosion caused a huge haste.  People panicked and it raised concerns about the safety measures in the place.

Further details of the fire Incident

The explosions took place in a densely populated area, home to a mix of residential and commercial buildings. Eyewitnesses reported hearing a series of loud blasts, causing widespread panic among the residents. The blasts were powerful enough to shatter glass windows in nearby buildings and create a plume of smoke visible from a distance.

Emergency services were immediately alerted and rushed to the scene. Fire-fighters worked tirelessly to douse the flames and prevent the spread of fire to nearby structures. The police and other authorities cordoned off the area for investigation and to ensure the safety of the residents.

Speaking to True To Life on December 28, Thursday, Sub-Officer of Fire Station Department Yerwada said, “A sudden series of emergency calls began. Our department reached the site and successfully handled the situation. Approximately 15 tankers and vehicles were pressed into action and retrieved the unexploded cylinders. Hopefully, no casualty occurred.  Till 5 pm, we doused all the cylinders.”

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Furthermore, the evacuation process was carried out systematically, with residents directed to designated safe areas away from potential hazards. The authorities provided necessary support and assistance to those affected, including medical aid and temporary accommodation for individuals displaced by the incident.


Initial reports suggest that the LPG cylinders stored in the illegal open plot caught fire, leading to the subsequent explosions. However, the specific reason for the ignition is yet to be determined.

An Officer from Vimantal Police Station while speaking to the media said, “Prima facie this was an LPG cylinder storage and refilling facility that was being run illegally. The place did not have any permit or any safety measures in place. We have reasons to believe that the fire started when they were refilling the cylinders after which the people operating the place fled. The fire then spread to other cylinders and led to blasts resulting in further intensification of the blaze.”

Investigators are examining various factors, such as potential gas leaks, mishandling of cylinders, or deliberate sabotage. They are also analyzing the maintenance and safety protocols of the storage facility to identify any lapses. The findings of the investigation are crucial to preventing similar incidents in the future.

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“We have detained the landowner, who had given the land on rent to the manager of a nearby LPG agency four months ago. A search is on for the manager. A case of attempt to commit culpable homicide, negligent conduct concerning fire or combustible matter, common intention and under the Essential Commodities Act has been registered against these two men and some unidentified workers at the illegal facility.” said Airport police’s Senior Inspector, Anand Khobare said to the media.

Impact on the Local Community

The explosions have had a significant impact on the local community in Pune. The loud blasts and plumes of smoke caused fear and panic among the residents, many of whom were forced to evacuate their homes and seek temporary shelter. Several buildings in the vicinity suffered structural damage, and individuals close to the explosion sustained injuries.

Residents are demanding stricter regulations and regular safety inspections to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The local community has come together to support those affected, demonstrating resilience and solidarity in adversity.

Steps Taken To Prevent Similar Incidents

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In the wake of the explosions, authorities have identified several steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. These measures include:

1.​Safety Audits: Regular safety audits of storage facilities for LPG cylinders will be conducted to ensure compliance with safety standards and protocols. Any lapses or violations will be addressed promptly.

2.​Increased Surveillance: Enhanced surveillance systems, including CCTV cameras and monitoring, will be installed in areas where LPG cylinders are stored. This will help detect any unusual activities or potential hazards.

3.​Public Awareness Campaigns: Public awareness campaigns will be launched to educate residents about the safe handling and storage of LPG cylinders. Information on emergency procedures and contact numbers for reporting any safety concerns will be made readily available.

4.​Collaboration with Stakeholders: Authorities will collaborate with stakeholders, including gas companies and local residents, to develop and implement comprehensive safety protocols. Regular training and drills will be conducted to prepare residents and emergency responders for any potential incidents.

By implementing these measures, the authorities aim to create a safer environment for the local community and minimize the risk of similar explosions in the future.

Sources: various News Agency

Article by Gaurav Patil from Mumbai for True to Life.

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