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Ambulance Used To Smuggle Weed! Pune Cops Bust Gang, Seize 96kg Worth 1.31 Cr.

Covert Drug Operation Unveiled: Ambulances Used in Pimpri Chinchwad

In a startling revelation, Pimpri Chinchwad’s antinarcotics squad exposes a covert drug operation employing ambulances. Lead Senior Inspector Vaibhav Shingare shares details of the operation, conducted in Ravet, Dharashiv, and Kuruli village, leading to multiple arrests and confiscation of 96 kg of ganja valued at Rs 1.31 crore.

Operation Unveiled

Senior Inspector Vaibhav Shingare received a tip-off leading to operations in Ravet, Dharashiv, and Kuruli village on January 12 and 13. The audacious criminals utilized ambulances to execute their illicit activities, leaving the community stunned.

Arrests and Confiscations

On January 12, the team intercepted a car in Ravet, arresting Krishna Shinde, Akshay More, and Hanumant Kadam with 25.91 kg of ganja worth Rs 25.69 lakh. Further investigations revealed the involvement of Devi Prasad, initiating a chain leading to the arrest of Sunnydeval Siddhanath Sharma and Sunnydeval Bhagwandas Bharti, along with the seizure of ambulances.

Network Unraveled

Devi Prasad’s arrest unveiled an underground network using ambulances to discreetly transport contraband to Sourav Nirmal in Chikhali. The origin of the ganja traced back to Rajesh Kumar in Uttar Pradesh.

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Massive Seizure

The total value of confiscated items, including vehicles, mobile phones, and cash, amounts to Rs 1.31 crore. The criminals’ use of ambulances highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement despite checkpoint efforts.

Law Enforcement Strategies

Under Senior Inspector Vaibhav Shingare’s guidance, the police are employing technical investigations and building a robust informant network to combat such illicit trades.

Community Reminder

Inspector Shingare emphasizes the significance of the operation as a reminder of ongoing efforts to maintain law and order. Choosing a drug-free path is crucial for safeguarding the future, health, and potential of the youth.

Article by Gaurav Patil from Mumbai for True to Life

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