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Beware of the Latest Scam: How Alpesh Fell Victim to Financial Fraud

Alpesh, a resident of Dadar, recently found himself ensnared in a trap set by scammers. It all began with a call purportedly from AU FINANCE, informing him about his supposedly low credit score at PAISA BAZAAR and offering a solution to improve it with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) and casting a  demand loss of  17k.

The Deceptive Trap

In a tale of deception unfolding on the 16th during a conversation with Truetolife , Alpesh found himself ensnared in a meticulously crafted scheme, “ I received the call from the AU Finance , Informing me about low credit score on Paisa Bazaar.”

Despite his vigilance against recent scams, Alpesh took precautionary measures by verifying the call’s authenticity through the app and confirming his identity.

“Prior to placing trust in the caller, I initiated inquiries about specific personal details that only the bank would possess. Upon their confirmation of my PAN card number, Aadhar card details, address, and date of birth, I deemed the information provided as legitimate.” He continued.

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Little did he know, he was falling into a carefully laid trap.

Alpesh, who already possessed a credit card from HDFC BANK with an outstanding due of approximately Rs. 33,000, was henceforth targeted by the scammers.

Having gained his trust, they swiftly initiated their first demand.

“Initially, they requested a payment of Rs. 13,000, followed by an additional demand of approximately Rs. 4,600, all within a short timeframe. Consequently, I transferred a total of Rs. 17,000 to AU FINANCE.” Alpeshclaimed to Truetolife.

With hopeful anticipation, Alpesh awaited an improvement in his low credit score, only to realize that the funds never reflected in his account.

He further explained, “Within an hour, I commenced my attempts to reach them through calls and other means, only to discover that I had been blocked.”

Futile Pursuit of Justice:

Despite his relentless attempts to pursue the promised NOC, Alpesh encountered a dead end when he discovered the contact number had been blocked.

In a surprising turn of events, Alpesh managed to reach the scammers again, only to be bluntly informed that they were indeed fraudulent and that he wouldn’t be getting his money back

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Two days later, he resorted to filing an FIR.

However, despite his proactive step, Alpesh was disheartened to learn from the police that tracing such elusive scammers proves to be an arduous task due to their elusive nature.

Despite pouring his efforts into the matter, Alpesh found himself met with a frustrating lack of progress and assistance from the authorities.


In light of this unfortunate incident, it’s crucial to take precautions to avoid falling victim to such scams. The advisories to locals citizens through Truetolife :

  1. **Verify with Your Bank**: Always approach your bank directly to inquire about your credit score and any outstanding dues on your credit cards. Banks are the legitimate sources for such information.
  • **Exercise Caution with Phone Calls**: Never blindly trust phone calls, especially when they involve sensitive financial matters. Verify the authenticity of the caller by visiting your bank branch or contacting official customer service numbers.
  • **Safeguard Your Data**: Recognize that even information stored with your bank may not be entirely secure. With the prevalence of hackers, it’s essential to remain vigilant about protecting your personal and financial data.
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Article by Mumbai Team for Truetolife.

Truetolifenews dosen’t take any responsibility for this article

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