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Mumbai Pet dog bites explosive, dead.

Explosive Discovery
A pet tragically lost its life after biting an explosive device, possibly meant for hunting, thrown in the open in Thane district, Maharashtra, on the night of 30th January .
There’s a suspicion that these explosive devices were carelessly left exposed, potentially for hunting wild animals.

Eye-witness Account
While speaking with True to Life on February 2nd, the lead Police Sub-Inspector Suresh Baviskar from Shahapur Police shared a statement provided by the watchman of Omkar Patil farmhouse, Balu Damu Mahalunge.
The sole witness of this case, Balu Damu Mahalunge, a resident of Shahapur, Thane, recounted how their beloved black pet dog from the premises, “Our black dog returned to the farmhouse from outside with an object in its mouth, leading to a tragic explosion when the dog bit it.”

Parallel Tragedy
Another revelation unfolded as Balu Damu Mahalunge informed the police with the official witness statement in the report asserting , “ A white dog from a neighbouring village, owned by Ramchandra Pawar, which also seized the explosive in its mouth. The explosive detonated upon the white dog’s bite, causing injuries but mercifully not proving fatal.”

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Legal Response
The Shahapur police took swift action, registering a case under Indian Penal Code sections 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle or an animal) and 435 (mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to cause damage).
Questioning the effectiveness of only fifty-rupee fine under Section 429 prompts a reconsideration of its ability to deter harm to animals. A review of penalties may be necessary to underscore the importance of upholding animal welfare and discourage offenses against them.

Ongoing Investigation
In this sad incident, the lingering question echoes: Who shoulders the blame for the tragic fate of the pet dogs? Despite the registered case, the identity of the individual responsible remains unknown, with no arrests made as of now.
The unfolding investigation intensifies the suspense, leaving us anxiously awaiting clarity in this heart-wrenching narrative.
Article by Gaurav Patil from Mumbai for True to Life

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