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60-Year-Old Delhi Lady’s Body Found Wrapped; 31-Year-Old Lover Held

18 December 2023 | Crime, Hot Topic

Discovery of a Tragic Incident

On December 18th, the Nand Nagri Station House Officer (SHO) in Delhi confirmed that the police discovered the body of a 60-year-old woman wrapped in plastic inside a bed box following a report from her family. Authorities have initiated an investigation into a registered case of kidnapping and murder.

According to the police, Asha Devi, the deceased, was reported missing on December 10th, and her son lodged a complaint at the Nand Nagri police station three days afterward. A police official mentioned, “The complainant indicated that he last saw his mother on Sunday (Dec 10th). Following this report of her disappearance, an investigation was promptly launched.”

Friday afternoon, around 1:25 pm, the victim’s family contacted the police, expressing concern about a strong odor coming from their ground-floor room in Harsh Vihar society. “When they opened the bed in that bedroom, they discovered the body wrapped in plastic inside,” stated the police. “Both the crime and forensic teams were promptly dispatched for examination, and the body was moved to a mortuary for postmortem.” Additionally, they mentioned that the body was significantly decomposed and had reached an advanced stage of decay. As a result, it was transferred to the GTB Mortuary for a postmortem examination.

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Authorities have mentioned that they’ve implemented technical surveillance measures and are currently reviewing CCTV footage to scrutinize any activity occurring outside the residence.

The Accused and Motive

According to the police, the accused, Devender, also known as Dev and aged 31, had formed a close or “intimate relationship” with Asha Devi. He purportedly stated during interrogation that she opposed his intention to marry another woman. Deputy Commissioner of Police of North-East Joy Tirkey stated, “He was apprehended on Saturday morning in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.”

According to the DCP, during the murder investigation, they discovered that one of the woman’s tenants was missing. The authorities apprehended this individual from his parents’ residence on Saturday. He had been residing as a tenant for four years. However, two years ago, he had developed a relationship with another tenant whom he intended to marry. The police explained that the accused asserted the victim had informed him that he could only marry the other woman after her demise. When he refused, she allegedly slapped him, and in response, Devender struck her with a brick, as per the police statement.

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Afterward, the accused fled with ₹13,000 in cash, which was the collected rent, along with her gold ornaments. The police reported that the accused confessed to hitting the victim multiple times with a brick, then wrapping her body in a plastic sheet, and finally concealing it inside the bed box.

Ripple Effects: Impact on Society

Cases of violence, especially ones as tragic and distressing as this, have a profound impact on society. They generate fear, distrust, and a sense of vulnerability among people. Instances of murder and abduction, particularly involving individuals known to the victim, can instill a pervasive sense of insecurity within communities. Such cases often highlight several critical societal issues – Safety Concerns, Trust and Relationships, Impact on Mental Health. Questions about safety measures, response times, and the effectiveness of the legal process may arise. Media coverage of such cases can also impact society by influencing public opinion, shaping perceptions, and sometimes amplifying fear.

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Sources: The Hindu and various trustworthy sources. By: Ankitaa Bal From Kolkata Reporting for ‘True To Life’

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