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SSP Badaun confirmed True to Life – Accused surrender in double murder

On March 21, 2024, the Additional SP of Badaun, Mr. Ram Mohan Singh, confirmed a tragic incident where a barber in Uttar Pradesh attacked two boys with an axe, killing them, and badly injuring another. The Budaun police asserted on Thursday that Mohd Sajid, 27, suspected of killing two young siblings on Tuesday, carried out the horrific act while in a state of depression. Mohd Javed, Sajid’s younger brother and co-accused, revealed this during interrogation after surrendering to authorities, according to Superintendent of Budaun police Alok Priyadarshi.

Ayush (12) and Ahaan (8), affectionately known as Honey, were innocently playing on the terrace of their home when the accused perpetrator, identified as 22-year-old Sajid, callously entered their abode and committed the heinous act. Their lives were snatched away in an instant, leaving behind a trail of devastation and anguish.

Javed disclosed that Sajid had been struggling with depression, particularly after his wife experienced miscarriages and attempted suicide previously. A police team went to question Sajid’s wife in connection with the case.

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Mohd Javed, wanted for the murders of the two siblings in Budaun’s Baba Colony, was apprehended in Bareilly on Thursday. He presented himself at the Satellite police outpost in Bareilly late Wednesday night and was then brought to Budaun for questioning, stated the Superintendent of Police.

“We are verifying information and will reconstruct the sequence of events with Javed’s assistance. If necessary, the police may also consider a narco test to uncover the truth behind the incident,” the SP added.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Badaun told True to Life, “Beyond this press conference we are still investigating. The motive of the accused behind the murder is still unclear”.

Javed informed investigators that Sajid was unwell on the day of the incident and had also visited the victims’ house at that time. Javed fled upon seeing his brother holding a knife with bloodstains on his clothes. The victims’ mother, Sangeeta Singh, corroborated this account, stating that Sajid had mentioned feeling unwell and went to the terrace where he committed the murders.

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Mohd Sajid allegedly killed two minor brothers, Aayush, 14, and Aahan, 6, sons of contractor Vinod Kumar Singh, after entering their home to demand ₹5000 from their mother under the pretext of his pregnant wife’s treatment. Sajid was killed in a police encounter three hours after the incident.

The post-mortem report confirmed that Sajid had slit the throats of the two children and stabbed them multiple times.

The victims’ father, Vinod Kumar Singh, urged the police to thoroughly question Javed to uncover the motive behind his sons’ killings.

The arrest of Mohd Javed was perceived as pivotal by investigators in their pursuit to comprehend the underlying motive behind the heinous crime. Following collaboration between the Budaun police and Bareilly authorities, Javed was apprehended, a move catalyzed by the declaration of a ₹25,000 reward for his capture. Notably, Javed’s purported involvement was highlighted by his alleged dissemination of a viral video, wherein he purportedly absolved himself and implicated his brother as the perpetrator of the crime, adding a layer of intrigue to the investigation.

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By: Ankitaa Bal

From Kolkata

Reporting for ‘True to Life”

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