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Dr. Nitya Ramamurthy: A Beacon of Women’s Healthcare in India

” In India, doctors are considered as incarnations of God. This is because doctors play a crucial role in not only bringing a child into this world but also in saving someone from the jaws of death.” Today, through this article, we will delve into the life of a doctor who is a renowned specialist in women’s and maternity health at the prestigious Fortis Malar Hospital (Tamil Nadu). Yes, in this article, we will discuss Dr. Nitya Ramamurthy.

Dr. Nitya has not only handled many complex cases of women’s and maternity health in her hospital and field but has also provided simple solutions to many needy women’s issues.

Advancing in Women’s and Maternity Health…
Dr. Nitya Ramamurthy is a renowned specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with over 38 years of experience in the field of women’s and maternity health. Apart from performing over 10,000 laparoscopic surgeries, she has organized many Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for young medical students and practitioners, including conducting vaginal pelvic surgery workshops in collaboration with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She aims to resolve the problems of as many people as possible, recognizing that she alone can only reach a limited number of individuals, hence she has started training interested individuals in this field.

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Specialists in women’s and maternity health are medical practitioners who diagnose and treat health issues related to women’s reproductive organs and menstrual cycles. They also provide care for women during pregnancy and childbirth. Their main duties include conducting examinations of women’s reproductive organs, diagnosing and treating issues related to menstrual cycles, providing information and advice on contraception, and facilitating childbirth. Specialists in women’s and maternity health play a crucial role in helping women stay healthy and avoiding reproductive health-related issues.

Contributions and Achievements of Dr. Nitya…
Dr. Nitya Ramamurthy, a senior consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at Fortis Malar Hospital, is an experienced professional in the field of healthcare who plays the role of an expert, educator, and policy-maker. She discussed the challenge of fulfilling various responsibilities with DTE Next to take healthcare services to income groups that need it the most. After nearly 40 years in the medical field, Dr. Nitya Ramamurthy, a senior consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at Fortis Malar Hospital, is one of the few women who have taken on leadership roles in the field of healthcare. After her husband’s demise, she took over the reins of Malar Hospitals immediately and still serves on its board. Recently, upon completing 72 years of age, she voluntarily stepped down from the director’s position, showing a readiness to let someone else take over, reflecting the maturity in her thoughts.

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Besides, she has conducted many ongoing medical education programs for young medical students and practitioners and has performed over 10,000 laparoscopic surgeries. She organized a joint workshop with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists focusing on vaginal pelvic surgery. She is also the recipient of the ‘Best Doctor’ award from the Tamil Nadu government in 2012.

Additionally, on March 16, 2024, she was honoured with the “Icon of the Year (OB-GYN) South” award in the fourth edition of the National Fertility Awards held in Gurugram. The aim of this award is to recognize OB-GYNs with 20-25 years of experience who are specialists in diseases affecting pregnancy, childbirth, and women’s reproductive organs, and who enable countless couples across the country to become parents.

In this way, Nitya continues to achieve new milestones in this field and contributes invaluable efforts to the healthcare sector. Our goal in presenting her story is also to inspire others to contribute to serving the nation, breaking free from daily routines and selfish interests, just like Nitya.

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