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Blackpink’s Lisa shares glimpse of her Crazy Horse performance

Blackpink’s Lisa Redefines Boundaries

Lisa of Blackpink made history by becoming the first Kpop idol to perform at Paris’s iconic cabaret, Crazy Horse. Amidst the alluring ambiance of this historic venue, Lisa graced the stage for five shows from September 28 to 30, captivating lucky attendees. Despite the strict no-recording policy, Lisa treated fans on Instagram to glimpses of her sultry cabaret performances.

Lisa’s Dazzling Showcase

On October 5, Lisa shared a series of stunning photos from her final Crazy Horse performance, expressing gratitude to her fans for the memorable experience. Her diverse wardrobe choices added flair to the evening, leaving fans in awe. The uniqueness of the cabaret venue sparked intrigue, with fans eager to witness Lisa’s daring acts on stage.

Fan Reactions and Controversies

While many fans praised Lisa’s performance, others expressed dissatisfaction, considering it a challenge to the dignity of women. Lisa’s daring showcase stirred mixed reactions among fans, showcasing the diversity of opinions on the interpretation of art and expression.

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Crazy Horse: A French Cabaret Icon

Founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, Crazy Horse has been a symbol of the celebration of the female form. The cabaret intertwines erotic stripteases with traditional acts, making it a unique cultural phenomenon. Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse marked a significant moment, elevating her status as an artist breaking barriers.

Star-Studded Audience

Lisa’s cabaret acts drew attention from celebrities worldwide. Attendees included Blackpink members Rose and Jisoo, American actor Austin Butler with Kaia Jordan Gerber, and Spanish singer Rosalia. Lisa’s rumored boyfriend, Frederic Arnault, also attended with his family. Despite controversies, Lisa’s mother attended the show, emphasizing her support for her daughter.

Speculations and Future Ventures

Speculations surrounding Lisa’s departure from YG Entertainment added an extra layer of intrigue. Reports suggested Lisa traveled to Paris independently, and rumors circulated about the possible departure of other Blackpink members from YG Entertainment to start their own agencies.

Despite uncertainties, BLINKs remain steadfast in their support, cheering for the members’ successful solo endeavors and anticipating the group’s future projects.

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Source: SCMP, WWD

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