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Dussehra! Following The Righteousness In 21st Century

धर्मादर्थःप्रभवतिधर्मात्प्रभवतेसुखम्। धर्मेणलभतेसर्वंधर्मसारमिदंजगत्॥

In English Righteousness brings wealth. Righteousness brings happiness. Righteousness brings everything. In fact, the essence of the world is righteousness.Its Oct 24, 2023 so is Dussehra! A Hindu festival which falls on Shukla Paksha Dhashmi every year during the month of Ashwin, an auspicious month of Hindu Calendar.

It is also the beginning of the much anticipated Diwali festival.

According to Hindu mythology Dussehra or Vijayadashmi marks the victory of “ good over evil”. Lord Rama defeated the Evil King Ravana of Lanka , legends say it’s also the time when Maa Durga defeated Mahishasura in a battle lasting 9 days. Even Arjuna alone put the whole Kaurav army to sleep in the Virath Yuddha in Mahabharata.

As the effigies burn, let negativity and hatred within us also be consumed in the flames of Dussehra.”

The history of Vijayadashmi and the ancient epic of Ramayana and Mahabharata is deep rooted in Hindu mythology. It is widely and deeply believed by us people, though it’s practice and application poses a question.

Following the footsteps of Lord Rama

Do we ever try to follow the beliefs and the true nature of Lord Rama? As a true devotee? He always worshipped ‘satya’ (truth). Listened and obeyed his father and accepted ‘Vanavasa’ of 14 years. Becoming ‘maryadapurushottam’ (most dignified man).

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The story of Ramayana and Lord Rama is drawn here to compare whether its values and morals are followed by today’s generation. Or is it filled with feelings and motivations of greed, jealousy, hunger for power, money and the like.

Incidents of crime, robbery and murders shows how some people are getting corrupted and following the path of destruction.

The burning of Sone Ki Lanka (the Gold fortress, in Ramayana) symbolizes the power of morality, purity and justice which wins will over evil even if the evil is equally powerful.

Dussehra teaches us to lead the righteous path

Like Lord Rama. How Lord Rama accepts, obeys his father’s wishes for a 14 years Vanavasa in Mother Nature. How one flourishes with the power of nature. Lord Rama worshipped Lord Varuna to get the righteous path for Lanka.

These teachings are ever required in our modern times. His worshipping nature teaches us to pray and have fear of God. Respecting and obeying his father, is it not required to follow today?

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In the footsteps of Ravana?

According to Vedas we are the people of Kali Yuga, the last stage of cycle of creation and also known to be the most darkest yuga for entire mankind.

Negative feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred, incurable diseases and fatal medical conditions, crimes, even war crimes happening in Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine, ego, trust issues are all consequences of Kali Yuga.

So, we question, are we following Ravana, Mahishasura and Kaurava?

To gain power, money, desires they crossed boundaries and limits. Abduction of Sita (Lord Rama’s wife), battles with own family members for power, and more.

This leads us to be alienated with our true and positive inner self.

Maa Durga’s message

Maa Durga and her battle with Mahishasura gives us the message that no! Women cannot be treated with disrespect. Durga Maa’s victory gives birth to women empowerment.

Goddess Durga, a combination of shaktis of Lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu shows her powerful and ferocious side although equally loving and caring.

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Let’s have your opinions on how you believe or follow them in our social pages, keeping the spirit of Dussehra alive in our hearts.

Let’s take an oath

With the process of burning down the Ravana’s statue lets take an oath to burn the evil entity within us as well. By accepting and correcting our flaws, let the image of our inner ravana be destroyed and inspiration be created.

What people say

In conversation with True To Life, Mrs. Mithlesh Dubey, expresses, “I am a true devotee of Lord Rama and love to follow the festive in his honour like Ram Navmi , Diwali and even Dusserah.”

“My grandmother used to narrate the stories of Maa Durga in my childhood. It was very inspiring,” she added.

While Dr. Yashwant Shukla led us towards her interest in Ramayana. “I was so keen to study about the personality of Ravana and Lord Rama, for better understanding,” she expressed.

Happy Dussehra to all!

By ,Rishika Dubey

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