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Mini-truck overturns:3 killed and others injured in Bihar

Ram Lal Singh of Padaria village was performing the last journey of his wife Gunja Devi with his family. At around ten o’clock in the night, their vehicle overturned due to a tire burst, in which three people died and six to seven were injured. After a thorough investigation, the police said that no one had tried to kill them but it was a natural death.A heart-wrenching accident took place in the funeral transport carrying the dead body to Buxar for cremation. This accident happened in the Dhangai area of Bhojpur district. The incident happened between 10 to 10.30, when Ram Lal Singh was taking his wife Gunja Devi on her last journey, there were other people along with him in that vehicle, one of whom was his son and the rest were his sons. Were. The condition there had become very bad due to that accident.

The accident happened due to a burst tire

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The police administration says that as soon as the news was received, they immediately reached there to investigate and there they came to know that the accident was not due to the collision of the truck but due to the burst tire of the vehicle. Police conducted a rigorous investigation in this case, the incident took place ten steps behind Regal Dhaba. During the investigation, it was found that these people were residents of Padaria village. While talking to True to Life, Sub-Inspector Ritesh Kumar Dubey of Dhangai police station area of Bhojpur district says, “Out of the people present in the vehicle, three people died on the spot and about six to seven people were injured. “The condition of the vehicle has happened due to its overturning, the reason for which is the ready explosion and not the collision with the truck.”

Dead bodies has been sent to the hospital for a post-mortem

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Sub Inspector Ritesh Kumar Dubey also said that the police immediately sent the dead bodies for post-mortem, those who were badly injured due to the incident were admitted to Sadar Hospital, Arrah. According to the report, as the condition of one of them is critical, he has been referred to Patna for treatment . According to sources, the body of the deceased (Gunja Devi), whose last rites were performed, was also sent to the hospital along with the other bodies.

Sub-Inspector Ritesh Kumar Dubey told Truetolife that one of the bodies of those killed in this accident was that of Gunja Devi’s husband and the son had suffered serious injuries, due to which he had to be admitted to a private hospital. Due to this accident, there is a lot of panic among the people of Bhojpur district.

This case is unusual

The hospital officials have done post-mortem of the dead body and handed it over to the family. Sub Inspector says that this case is unnatural and not a conspiracy by someone, hence this case will be registered in UD.

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