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Silent Theft: Priyanka’s Pursuit of Justice Amid Identity Fraud

A recent incident has dismayed the community of Nallasopara. A resident named Priyanka Pramod Page has become the victim of a sophisticated financial fraud. What began in 2019 as a routine loan application to purchase a mobile phone from a local store has unraveled into a troubling saga of identity theft and financial exploitation. This article delves into the details of Priyanka’s ordeal and the legal hurdles she faces in seeking justice.

The Incident: A Financial Nightmare Unfolds 

In 2019, Priyanka applied for a loan at the Aman store in Nallasopara with the intention of buying a mobile phone. However, it wasn’t until a year later that she discovered discrepancies in her bank account.

Unauthorized deductions totaling Rs7,000 were being withdrawn as loan instalments, despite Priyanka never having sanctioned such a loan.

This revelation marked the beginning of Priyanka’s harrowing journey to uncover the truth behind the fraudulent activity.

The Deception Unveiled: Identity Theft and False Representation 

While speaking with TrueToLife on April 5, Priyanka Page unearthed a disturbing reality: “Since 2020, 3 installments have been deducted from my bank, which mandated me to inquire.” 

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She continued, “Truth unfolded as one individual has been using my documents to sanction his loan. He posed himself as a relative of mine.”

The accused maliciously used personal documents of Priyanka. “The individual also claimed and convinced me that I could not come for the loan verification due to my illness.” 

Exploiting Priyanka’s absence under the guise of illness, this imposter submitted her documents to the store and finance company, facilitating the fraudulent loan transaction. 

“I received many threats and abusive calls from A1 Finance Company to pay off the balance installments.” 

The deceitful actions of this individual and the finance company not only resulted in financial loss but also violated Priyanka’s trust and privacy.

Seeking Legal Recourse: Challenges in the Pursuit of Justice 

Expressing her frustration, Priyanka stated to TrueToLife, “Navigating the legal landscape has been incredibly challenging.” 

Her quest for justice led her to the Nallasopara Police Station, where she filed a complaint regarding the fraudulent incident. However, her efforts were met with frustration as her complaint was not registered as a proper FIR (first information report). 

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She confirmed to Truetolife, “The help I tried to seek from the officials of Nallasopara was all vain because they never once considered my complaint.”

Despite seeking assistance from legal counsel, Priyanka continues to face challenges in navigating the legal landscape and holding the implicated parties accountable for their actions.

The Path Forward: Persistence and Advocacy 

Undeterred by the obstacles in her path, Priyanka remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice.

Under the guidance of legal experts, Advocate Ekta Vyas suggested while speaking with Truetolife on April 6 that “Priyanka must refile her complaint at the Nallasopara Police Station and get a document ‘Crime Reference Number’   emphasizing the importance of proper documentation and accountability.”

“In addition, Priyanka may issue notices to both the store and the finance company, demanding restitution for the financial and emotional distress caused by their negligence and complicity.” The advocate asserted.

Safety Concerns

Exploring broader concerns about community safety measures in such frauds, advisories to the local citizens through TrueToLife, 

  1. Guard personal information: Be cautious about sharing personal documents and information, especially with unknown individuals or organizations.
  • Regularly Monitor Financial Transactions: Stay vigilant about your bank account activities and review statements regularly to detect any unauthorized transactions.
  • Report suspicious activity. Promptly: If you notice any suspicious activity or unauthorized transactions, report them to your bank and relevant authorities immediately.
  • Seek legal assistance and file a proper complaint. Consult with legal professionals like Adv. Ekta Vyas for guidance on how to navigate the legal process and protect your rights.
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As Priyanka continues her fight for justice, her resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. “I refuse to give up until justice is served.” Priyanka affirmed to TrueToLife. 

Article by the Mumbai team for TrueToLife.

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