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Chennai’s Same-Sex Saga! When Techie murders, suicides

The Supreme court passed the judgement that being in a Same-Sex relationship is neither forbidden not illegal but they will not have same marriage rights. Only goes to show lack of societal acceptance after a 24-year old techie hanged himself after strangling his same-sex partner on Tuesday night at a lodge at West Mogappair in Chennai .

Same-Sex Struggles.

The tragic Incident occurred against the backdrop of societal attitudes and legal frameworksas unfolded by Inspector Kirubanithi of Aminjikarai Police station while speaking with True to Life on 11 January said , “ Vanjinathan, a technology professional residing in Ambattur and employed in Thoraipakkam, found a connection with Lokesh, a 25-year-old call center worker hailing from Aminjikarai. Their journey began a year ago, sparked by the algorithms of a dating app.”

In the intricate web of urban connections between the couple , he continued, “As their bond deepened, societal disapproval cast shadows over their relationship. Vanjinathan, recently engaged to a woman from his hometown, succumbed to familial expectations, choosing to distance himself from Lokesh.”

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The complexities of their situation unfolded through tumultuous phone conversations over the past fortnight. He further mentioned enlightening the parents negative acknowledgement towards their relationship quoting, “ parents were against their choice of relationship.”

He stated “On Tuesday, Lokesh’s absence prompted his parents to seek assistance from the Aminjikarai police. Simultaneously, Vanjinathan’s family, concerned about his well-being, reached out to Lokesh’s kin. The delicate threads of their lives unraveled further when Vanjinathan’s sister revealed a somber voice message from his mobile device, unraveling a tragic tale of murder and a decision to bid farewell to life.”

This poignant narrative underscores the silent struggles faced by individuals navigating the intricate dance between personal choices and societal expectations in the labyrinth of modern relationships.

Tracing and Closure

While speaking with True to Life The officer shared the overall investigation process accomplished by the team.

He said , “ We traced the mobile number of both individuals leading the authorities to the West Mogap pair . Upon the two wheeler parked at the Lodge of Paneer Nagar, we tracked the couple . ”

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The subsequent entry into the room within the lodge unveiled the layers of this tragic narrative.

He further said , “We found Vanjinathan hanging from the ceiling and Lokesh lying dead on the bed. Upon meticulous examination of the evidence, it became evident that Vanjinathan had utilized a shoelace to terminate Lokesh’s life before taking his own.”


The Inspector shared the proactive measure for avoiding such tragic impulsions ahead.

He guided , “ • Parents should thoroughly get involve into their children lives and must co-operate with their intuitions .”

•Community awareness campaigns, robust mental health support, and integration of LGBTQ+ awareness in education are critical.

•Advocacy for anti-discrimination laws and equipping law enforcement for sensitive interventions are vital safeguards.

•Establishing supportive family programs, promoting positive media representation, and implementing diversity and inclusion in workplaces contribute to an inclusive environment.

Article by Sanjana Shelar from Mumbai for True to Life.

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