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Doctor attacked in clinic, due to property issues

Dr Kailas Rathi, a 48 year old man, director of a hospital in the Panchvati area of Nashik was attacked Friday night, when he was talking on the phone, and did not notice a man standing close to him. The man, later identified as Rajendra More by the police, noticed the doctor going inside the building, so he followed him. As Dr. Rathi was on the call, he failed to notice More. In a matter of a few mins, More took out the matchet and attached Dr. Rathi’s face and neck 18 times before an alarm was raised by one of the staffers, and he fled the scene. The horrifying incident, captured on a CCTV camera, shows the attacker striking the doctor nearly 18 times with a sickle. The victim has been admitted to a hospital in critical condition.

True To Life reached out to the Panchvati police station for updates on the case. Officials confirmed that an FIR had been lodged against Rajendra More by Dr. Kailas Rathi’s wife. It was revealed that Dr. Rathi’s wife is presently admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. More faces serious charges under Section 307 for attempted murder. Authorities disclosed that More was apprehended on Saturday afternoon, intensifying the unfolding drama surrounding the case.

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The attacker, Rajendra More, is revealed to be the spouse of a staffer employed by Dr. Rathi, with whom property transactions were underway. Police disclosed that the woman had faced allegations of embezzling Rs. 6 lakh during her tenure at the hospital. Although initially dismissed, she was subsequently reinstated. However, she purportedly absconded with an additional Rs. 12 lakh, declining to reimburse the amount, as stated by the authorities.

A senior officer revealed that More’s wife had ceased working at Rathi’s clinic several years back. Allegedly, the couple had accepted money from Dr. Rathi in a property transaction. The officer asserted that Rathi was now pursuing More to reimburse the funds. This revelation hinted at a complex web of financial entanglements and potential conflicts, adding intrigue to the situation. Around 9.30pm on Friday. More came to Dr Rathi’s clinic at Dindori Naka. On seeing the doctor entering his cabin, More followed him.

“As the doctor was speaking on his cellphone, More took out the machete and slashed Rathi at least 16-17 times. More escaped from the cabin through another door as a staffer in the clinic entered,” the officer said.

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Indian Medical Association’s Nashik unit president Vishal Gunjal said, “Doctors kept their OPDs closed till 12pm on Saturday in protest against the incident. As we realised that the attack was not over any hospital-patient issue, the plan for a day-long protest was called off. We appeal to the police to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.”

By Soujanya Das Roy,

From Kolkata

Reporting for True To Life

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