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Indian Parents’ POV on International Girl Child Day!

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child: A Reflection on Parental Perspectives

In commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child, we delve into the thoughts and practical advantages perceived by Indian parents regarding raising a girl or a boy in the ever-evolving contemporary world. Conversations with expectant mothers, new parents, and seasoned caretakers provide diverse insights into this crucial aspect of modern life.

Anticipation of a New Life

Expectant parents are a blend of excitement and mild anxiety as they await the arrival of their newborn. The age-old question of whether it’s a girl or a boy often shapes their expectations.

Rhea, eight months pregnant from Nagpur, eagerly awaits her baby girl. She believes that girls bring empathy and grace, qualities much needed in today’s world. Conversely, Manasi from Delhi, expecting a boy, envisions raising emotionally aware and compassionate young men, which she deems vital in the contemporary age.

New Mothers: A Glimpse into Reality

As the saying goes, “A daughter is a daughter for life, but a son is a son until he takes a wife.” Let’s explore how this sentiment resonates in the present era.

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Rhea from Bangalore, a new mother to a baby girl, emphasizes the responsibility of nurturing strong, independent women in a world striving for gender equality. Jahan from Jaipur, a new father to a baby boy, sees the opportunity to instill qualities of respect and responsibility in his son.

Wisdom from the Old Timers

Seasoned parents and caretakers, having witnessed the changing dynamics of parenting, offer valuable perspectives.

Bimla from Dehradun, a grandmother, emphasizes that every child, irrespective of gender, brings unique strengths and perspectives to a family. Makhan Lal from Agra, a grandfather, stresses the importance of imparting values of respect and embracing differences in today’s age.

Practical Advantages in Today’s World

In a swiftly changing world, the advantages of having a girl or boy child are multifaceted.

Diversity and Inclusion: Both genders contribute to the richness of diversity and inclusion, crucial for fostering a harmonious society.

Gender Equality: Raising children with values of equality is vital for building a more just world, involving everyone in the fight for gender equality.

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Unique Perspectives: Boys and girls bring distinct viewpoints, fostering creative problem-solving and holistic development.

Empathy and Compassion: Teaching empathy and compassion is essential, and both genders can excel in these qualities.

Personal Growth: Nurturing, guiding, and learning from children, irrespective of gender, leads to personal growth for parents and caretakers.


As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2023, themed “Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being,” as per UNICEF, the focus is on empowering girls, recognizing their leadership potential, and ensuring their rights are upheld. The theme emphasizes gender equality, access to education, health, and protection from violence, encouraging awareness, advocacy, and policy changes for a more equitable and inclusive world for girls.

By: Slasha Soporee

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