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Apple v. Android: The decades old battle

In today’s interconnected world, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are our personal assistants, our communication hubs, and our entertainment portals, all rolled into one sleek device. When it comes to smartphones, two giants stand at the forefront of the industry: Apple and Android. The Apple vs. Android debate has raged on for years, captivating tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. On one side, we have Apple, known for its premium design, seamless ecosystem, and dedication to user privacy and security. On the other, Android, celebrated for its diversity, customization options, and accessibility across a wide range of devices.

Advantages of Apple over Android

While both Apple and Android have their unique sets of advantages, there are several features because of which Apple can beat Android in the tech market. The biggest advantage that Apple users get is the privacy and security. iPhones have a reputation of being one of the safest devices out there. Features like biometric authentication, strong encryption, location privacy, privacy labels in app store, etc. has earned the trust of many users who prioritize privacy and security in the digital world. Apple also provides long-term software updates, which is a major advantage for iPhone users. iPhone users can keep their devices up to date with the latest securities and features for several years. On the other hand, Android users receive software updates for comparatively shorter period of time, leaving users with security vulnerabilities. Another advantage that iPhone has over Android is the App store quality. The Apple App Store is known for its review process. This helps in maintaining high quality and secure apps. It also reduces the risk of encountering malware or poorly developed apps. In contrast, the Google Play Store has been known to have higher incidences of malware and other such security issues. According to users’ experience, iPhone users experience fewer glitches than the Android ones. Performance is another one of the areas where Apple beats Android most of the time.

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Advantages of Android over Apple

The greatest advantage that Android has over iPhone is its affordability. Since Android devices come with various designs and specifications from various manufacturers, one can always find an Android device that suits their budget. Due to this wide price range, Android is made accessible to a wider range of customers. Android offers diverse hardware and features. Currently iPhones comes in four different sizes: the standard, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max models. On the other hand, since Android comes from different manufacturers, a device is always available according to everyone’s choice of colour, design, shape, or size. Some other benefits include two sim slots, an edge screen, and so on.

If you are looking for a phone with more storage options, Android is a blessing for you. Unlike iPhones, all Android devices come with expandable storage such as microSD card slots, giving users the ability to increase their device’s storage inexpensively. In terms of Google Drive, Android users get 15GB of free space to store data, whereas the cloud storage only provides 5GB of free space for iPhone users.

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What’s new in the market?

In the tech market, the new iPhone 15 has officially been released. It was released on 22nd September.2023. The iPhone 15 is one of the biggest upgrade cycles for iPhones recently. Some of the features include USB-C port replaces lightning; regular iPhone 15 models get upgraded main camera with 48MP sensor; all four models use dynamic island; iPhone 15 and 15 plus powered by older A16 chip; iPhone 15 Pro and pro Max run on new A17 chip; pro models use titanium instead of stainless steel, reducing weight; slightly larger battery size; iPhone 15 Pro models replace mute switch with new programmable action button; and only iPhone 15 Pro Max model gets new periscope camera with longer zoom range. The iPhone 15 will be available in India for price starting with ₹79,900 for the base version.

What are the users’ opinions?

Facts found of the internet alone are not always sufficient to make the decision when you want to buy a new phone. Here are some of the users’ experience and their opinions on what they like better: Android or Apple. Saurav, an Android user, speaking to TTL said, “I personally like Android better because of its UI interface and it has various customizable features so I can customize the navigation panel according to my needs and liking.” Another Android user, Ankit, expressed to TTL, “Android’s customization is the main reason why I prefer it over Apple. I know Apple’s user experience and security services are better, but I just can’t give up the level of personalization that Android offers.” Tanya, a new iPhone user, speaking to TTL said, “I switched to Apple a few months back and I do not regret it one bit. The seamless integration between my iPhone and MacBook is worth the price I paid. I also feel more secure because of their privacy features.” When asked what she misses about having an Android phone, Tanya further added, “I was used to using Android, so switching to iPhone and getting a hang of its interface was quite confusing. Sometimes I do miss having an Android because of iPhones storage options and battery performance.”

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So, which is better: Apple or Android?

You must have heard the saying that every coin has two sides. Similarly, both Apple and Android have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. If you are conscious about your privacy, user experience, and the quality of apps that you use, Apple would be a great option for you. However, if you are looking for something that fits your budget, and provides features like diverse hardware and storage options, Android would suit you better. By: Mansi Priya

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