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Noida Law student charged for sexually harassing classmate

A first-year LLB student found himself in custody on Wednesday, grappling with serious allegations of sexual harassment and assault that have sent shockwaves through the community. Alongside a group of associates, he stands accused of forcefully intruding into the residence of a fellow classmate, located within a housing society in the bustling heart of Noida, specifically in Sector 137. This deeply disturbing incident, which has sent ripples of concern, unfolded on a fateful Monday, following an intense and highly charged altercation between the involved parties, a grim episode meticulously documented by the competent authorities.

The survivor, a resilient and determined 22-year-old first-year law student, leads her life within the walls of rented accommodation, a modest yet promising high-rise residential complex nestled in the serene and orderly Sector 142. These pivotal details were thoughtfully unveiled by none other than Hridesh Katheriya, the distinguished additional deputy commissioner of police for Central Noida, who stands as a beacon of hope for justice seekers.

According to the harrowing testimony presented by the suspect, the incident in question unraveled on the very cusp of the week, on a melancholic Monday, a result of a festering and escalating dispute that had ominously taken root between the two individuals. It’s a stark reminder that even within the ivory towers of academia, dark shadows can cast a long and chilling pall. Significantly, it is noteworthy that both the primary suspect and the valiant complainant are students treading the path of knowledge at the same venerable institution of learning in Noida.

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In her poignant and courageously detailed complaint, the survivor painstakingly recounted the sequence of events that sent shockwaves through her life. It all began on a quiet Sunday night, a time of gathering and camaraderie, where her apartment played host to a motley crew of classmates, with the suspect himself among them, a young man hailing from the lanes of Govindpuri in Delhi. During the course of this gathering, the atmosphere turned dark and foreboding as the suspect allegedly subjected her to unspeakable acts of sexual harassment. However, her voice did not falter; she boldly raised her objections, forcing the assailant to leave the event and seek refuge within the walls of his own residence.

The dawn of the subsequent day saw the specter of terror return, with the suspect accompanied by a menacing contingent of five associates. In a disturbing display of audacity, they boldly confronted the security guard, escalating a simple dispute into a violent physical altercation. They then breached the sanctity of the survivor’s apartment, perpetrating another deeply distressing act of sexual assault, a sinister act that has left an indelible mark, as revealed by the resolute ADCP Katheriya.

In the pursuit of justice, the resilient victim, together with her steadfast sister, mustered the strength to approach the revered halls of the Sector 142 police station on that very same Monday, brimming with hope and determination, their hearts heavy but resolute. Their mission: to officially initiate the arduous process of filing a complaint against the suspect, a journey that represents not just personal justice but a collective call for societal accountability. In a well-organized and methodical fashion, an official case was registered on that day, invoking a litany of charges, each meticulously chosen to encapsulate the heinousness of the transgressions. These encompass rioting, assault, causing harm, intentional insult, criminal intimidation, participation in an unlawful assembly, assault with the clear intent to outrage a woman’s modesty, and house trespass in preparation for harm, assault, or wrongful restraint. These charges find their firm ground within the hallowed statutes of the Indian Penal Code, a testament to the seriousness of the offenses committed.

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To elucidate and provide clarity to the proceedings, the sections invoked encompass the following:

● Section 354, a reference to the grave matter of sexual harassment

● Sections 147 and 149, explicitly pertaining to rioting

● Section 323, relating to the act of assault

● Section 504, addressing the provocation that leads to the breach of peace

● Section 452, emphasizing the issue of trespassing

● Section 506, denoting the severity of criminal intimidation

In the aftermath of these meticulously orchestrated legal proceedings, the suspect, with his fate hanging in the balance, was taken into custody with a sense of solemn duty on that fateful Wednesday, abiding by the directive of none other than the indefatigable ADCP Katheriya. In the name of preserving the integrity of the survivor’s identity and the hope of protecting her from the prying eyes of a curious world, the suspect’s name was cloaked in a shroud of strict confidentiality, a small but crucial measure to ensure that justice can be served without further harm.

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Even as the wheels of justice begin to turn, the guardians of law and order are making their presence felt, as they diligently proceed to issue official notices to the suspect’s associates. These individuals, whose actions have raised profound concerns, are being urged to step forward and participate actively in the ongoing investigation, in the name of truth, accountability, and justice for all. The relentless pursuit of justice continues, as society looks on with collective hope, that even in the face of darkness, there is a path to healing and a promise of a safer tomorrow.

Sources : The Times Of India, Hindustan Times .

By : Ankitaa Bal

From Kolkata

Reported for ‘True to Life’

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