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Experts suggest measures, after Yellow Alert in South India

The rain spell turned out precisely favourable to the Tamil Nadu, Chennai and other coastal districts as they acquainted with the heavy monsoon since Tuesday.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) released the 24-hour rainfall data on the onset of several areas witnessing severe water logging and issued a “Yellow Alert” for eight districts.

Tamil Nadu Rains

A sudden rain lashes various parts of Tamil Nadu with the release of prediction for the heavy rainfall at the isolated locations in various districts.

Over the day, Orange alert was issued for 4 districts on Tuesday and Yellow alert for 15 districts, creating aghast among the locals.

Ahead of 15 November; the northeast monsoon intensified due to the low pressure over the Bay of Bengal, initiating the heavy rainfall overall the Tamil Nadu.  

IMD issued the immediate Yellow Alert for the eight districts; Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Thanjavur, Pudukkottai, Ramanathapuram, Cuddalore, Villupuram. The alert is issued if expected rainfall ranges between 64.5 mm and 115.5 mm.

Chief Minister, M K Stalin visited the state emergency operation centre and directed the collectors of 27 districts situated to take precautionary measures. He enquired about the same with the collectors of Cuddalore and Nagapattinam through a video conference.

On Tuesday, the rain gauge recorded at VIT Chennai in Chengalpet was 33mm. Whereas, Nagapattinam recorded 61 mm and Parangipettai recorded 46mm of rain.

Expert suggestions to tackle the weather

Speaking to True To Life on November 15, an authoritative founder of Astronautic Institute Chennai, Mr Soham R Deshpande, provided insight concerning the Yellow Alert in Chennai, stating, “These dynamic weather conditions pose challenges for both residents and tourists. The need for adaptability becomes evident, as individuals must be prepared for diverse weather scenarios, including extreme events like cyclones and the rapid onset of heat waves. ”

Further, he shared his view on the measures that ought to be taken by the citizens effecting, “To cope with the varying climate, maintaining a comfortable living space often involves relying on air conditioning systems to regulate temperature and create a habitable environment. The use of such technology becomes a practical necessity to mitigate the impact of the unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather conditions in Tamil Nadu, especially in Chennai.”

IMD declares Alert

Along with the Yellow Alert, IMD has constantly shared insights into the weather forecast on the official Twitter forecasting page. IMD has recently issued a fair warning for the fishermen along and off the AP coast. They have informed that the cyclonic circulation bringing the rain may weaken as the low pressure intensifies into a depression and later into a deep depression before moving towards the AP coast and curving towards the Odisha coast on 17 November.

“Once the system strengthens and moves, the intensity of rainfall may reduce. Winds from the Gulf of Mannar will move towards the system and the presence of moisture may bring more rain to South Tamil Nadu than North,” said S Balachandran, Deputy Director General, Regional Meteorological Centre, IMD.

Overview of actions and effects in Tamil Nadu

As various states witnessed heavy rainfall with thunderstorms and lighting caused severe waterlogging. The chained-down districts in the downpours declared holidays to the schools and colleges till further notice.

Amidst heavy rainfall in the Mayiladuthurai district, a 40-year-old tree uprooted near Tharangampadi, early Wednesday morning, affecting the vehicle movements.

According to the ANI, the firefighters team immediately rushed to the spot clearing the Tharangampadi- Mayiladuthurai road.

Moreover, in low-lying areas, the circumstances aggravated as the rainwater mixed with drain water contaminating the environment. Inundating houses prompted numerous evacuations.

State Minister of Housing and Urban Development, S Muthusamy, along with district administration officials, inspected and took stock of the situation in such low-lying areas.

Sources: various News Agency

Article by Sanjana Shelar from Mumbai for True to Life.

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