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Assembly Elections 2023: Youth voters in MP, share expectation

The much-awaited polling began in Madhya Pradesh to decide the electoral fate of 2,533 candidates for 230 Assembly seats, including political heavyweights Chief Minister ShivrajSingh Chouhan and arch-rival Kamal Nath on Friday from 7 am to 6pm.

What young voters expect!

The polling booths saw the younger generation actively taking part, some voting for the very first time, accompanied by their family and friends, standing in queues with their voter ID cards and election chits, waiting for their turns.

Speaking to True To Life, Satyendra Varik, a shopkeeper from the Jumerati area, expressed, “I have voted with the hope of an increase in employment for the masses, especially youth.”

While 19-year-old Archi Rathore, a student, candidly says, “Our elected leaders must work for the development of our area and increase opportunities for work.”

Vote From Home perks

This year the Election Commission of India has granted permission for individuals, aged 80 or above and physically challenged persons to cast their vote from home.

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They can vote through the ballot papers. The voter needs to register with the designated booth level officer at least 10 days prior following which a team of officers including a polling officer, micro observer, police official and photographer visit the voter’s residence to ensure a smooth voting process.

Election officials in Bhopal are actively reaching out to the residents of the aged, seniors, who are above 80 to provide voting assistance, confirms sources.

Speaking to True To Life today morning, Booth-level-Officer, Vindya Bhagat, from Bhopal, said, “I’ve 2 years experience as a Booth-level-Officer. From this year only, the convenience of ‘vote from home’ for physically challenged and senior citizens began.”

“Our team visits areas to encourage everyone to vote, especially the youth,” she stressed.”

Voting and choosing a candidate or a government is an important decision for a particular state and even for a whole nation.

The voters regardless of age, coming from different walks of life had common expectations of development, in various sectors and employment from their elected leaders.

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A general store owner, Anurag Mathur, hailing from Bhopal said, “I have expectations from the government for subsidies as prices are skyrocketing.”

While 52-year-old housewife, Sheh Lata says, “I have been voting since I got married and it’s very obvious for a voter to have expectations from the upcoming government. Safety and security for women should be the priority.”

As true citizens, we only expect active participation in voting, if we want to see change, wisely electing leaders who ensure a better future for the nation.

Article by Rishika Dubey reporting from Bhopal for True To Life

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