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CCTV Helps Cops Rescue Kidnapped 19-Year-Old Girl In MP’s Gwalior

Abduction in Datia, Madhya Pradesh: Safe Recovery and Swift Arrests

A 19-year-old BA college student, abducted in broad daylight in Datia, Madhya Pradesh, has been found safe in a Guna lodge. The Senior Superintendent of Police, Rajesh Singh Chandel, confirmed the arrest of the two bike-borne kidnappers in Lahar.


The victim, a college student, was kidnapped on Monday by two individuals on a motorcycle near Naka Chandravadni petrol station. Both the victim and the kidnappers hail from the same village, with a known acquaintance. The police, led by Senior Superintendent Rajesh Singh Chandel, arrested both culprits, assuring appropriate actions will be taken.

Swift Police Action

The abduction occurred as the woman disembarked from a bus on Jhansi Road in Gwalior around 9:30 am. Two police teams were quickly deployed, resulting in the arrest of one suspect in Lahar and the subsequent capture of the second suspect.

CCTV Footage and Details

CCTV footage from a nearby petrol pump captured the shocking incident. Two youths on a motorcycle forcibly abducted the woman in broad daylight. One suspect wore a helmet, and the other covered his face with a cloth. The victim, a Bhind district resident, had traveled with her family to celebrate Diwali and was awaiting her brother at the petrol pump.

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Importance of Safety

The incident underscores the importance of safety in public spaces, emphasizing the vulnerability even in broad daylight. The police’s swift response, aided by CCTV footage, played a crucial role in identifying and apprehending the suspects.

Community Awareness

The incident prompts reflection on the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” Public vigilance and timely reporting are crucial, especially during daylight hours. Everyone must stay alert, and the public should actively intervene when witnessing unfolding incidents.

Collaboration for Security

As the investigation continues, uncovering motives is crucial. The incident serves as a reminder for community and law enforcement collaboration to create secure environments, particularly in busy public areas. Ensuring the safety of individuals, especially vulnerable groups, remains a priority.

Call to Action

The community is reminded to utilize helplines (Women Helpline – 1091, Child Helpline – 1098, Police – 100) for reporting and seeking assistance. Proactive measures are essential to prevent such occurrences in the future, preserving lives in our modern society.

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