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Children’s Day 23, Celebrating the Future of India!

Imagine a day filled with giggles, colourful chaos, and innocent smiles. Well, you don’t have to because – welcome to Children’s Day in India! Every November 14th, schools pay homage as children celebrate the birthday of “Chacha Nehru,” or Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister. It’s a day when schools turn into playgrounds, echoing with joyous assemblies, vibrant performances, and games. A celebration that paints childhood in the brightest hues.

Children’s Day Theme for 2023:

The theme for Children’s Day this year, 2023, is ‘For every child, every right.’ It’s a theme that resonates with the essence of Children’s Day, emphasising the universal importance of safeguarding the rights and well-being of the youngest members of our global family.

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

“I remember what it was like when I was a kid. Children’s Day was one of the days I actually really wanted to go to school. The day always made us so happy. We were the centre of attention all day long and teachers would dress up and put on performances for us. There would be no classes for most of the day. They would give us lots of sweets and candies. And the best part of it all is that I got to wear whatever dress I wanted instead of the regular school uniform,” shared Kumar, a 24-year-old, as he reminisced about the magic of Children’s Day with True To Life.

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The Children’s Day celebration in schools in 2023 still remains the same. Teachers still take the time to plan special performances for Children and the kids still get to cherish the day with lots of memories and candies.

The Modern World’s Impact:

Now, let’s talk about the modern twist. In today’s speedy world, screens are everywhere, and our little ones are getting cosy with them pretty early. Balancing studies, activities, and screen time can be like juggling flamingos. Concerns arise – are we letting screens and extra classes steal too much playtime? Is it affecting our children’s growth?

Let’s think about this a bit more. Are we unintentionally trading away our kids’ chance to grow well-rounded in exchange for focusing too much on school and technology? While we aim to give them smarts and know-how, are we forgetting the crucial foundation that playtime builds for their overall development? It’s not just about grades and gadgets; it’s also about letting them play and explore, right?

So why are Parents so keen on joining their kids in extra classes back-to-back after school without letting them rest and have their own playtime? It’s mainly because of societal pressure. Back when we were kids, we went to tuition to complete our homework after school but that was it. But kids these days have to do countless other things. They are enrolled in musical classes, swimming lessons, horse riding, skating, computer/coding classes and so much more. Kids who study in private schools already need to select one or two from these activities but also need to work on extra projects every single day.

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This sounds exhausting for a 10-year-old, doesn’t it? But believe it or not, this is most of the kids’ schedule these days. So how does this affect the kids in the long term? Let’s take a look at that now.

How Today Affects Tomorrow:

Here’s the inside scoop – what happens in childhood isn’t a one-time show. It’s like a sneak peek into the script for the future. If we load up their tiny shoulders with schedules, it’s like planting seeds of stress and struggles that might sprout later. And let’s be real – stress and a lack of social skills aren’t exactly the superhero powers we dream of for our kids, right?

So, as parents, your mission isn’t just to get through today’s homework or that extra class. It’s about ensuring that your little ones grow up with a backpack full of joy, resilience, and the ability to face whatever comes their way. How can you do that? Keep reading.

Balancing the Equation: Parents, you hold the power to strike the right balance between studies, activities, and play. It’s not about scrapping the lessons or cancelling the classes; it’s about ensuring that there’s room for the delightful chaos of play. It’s like adding the right spices to a recipe – too much or too little can throw off the flavour. Similarly, an overly packed schedule can imbalance the equation of your child’s growth.

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Quality Family Time: Here’s another superhero move – family time. Board games, picnics, or just sharing stories – these are the moments that stitch the fabric of family bonds. The value of these shared experiences is immeasurable. They not only create memories but also provide a safe space for kids to express themselves, ask questions, and feel connected.

Leading by Example: Parents, you’re the ultimate role models. By embracing a healthy balance between work and play in your own lives, you showcase the importance of this equilibrium. Children learn more from what they see than what they’re told.

So, as we celebrate Children’s Day, let’s dive into the magic of childhood. Let’s not just dance in the joy but also ensure our kids get enough of what they need. A bit of tech, a lot of play, and a sprinkle of family time – let’s craft a childhood that’s as bright and beautiful as the dreams our children hold. Here’s to embracing childhood today for a brighter tomorrow!

By: Ashbiha Fathima reporting from Chennai for True to Life

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