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Rise And Shine Of Regional Cinema

When Indian Cinema Goes Beyond Bollywood


When we hear “Indian Cinema,” Bollywood often takes the spotlight. However, the rise of regional cinemas in India is a noteworthy phenomenon. Marathi and Malayalam cinema, in particular, have undergone a revolution in recent years, producing high-quality films that garner national and international recognition.

Breaking Linguistic Barriers

Regional cinema has started breaking linguistic barriers, making a significant impact in Hindi-speaking regions. Films like Sairat, Ventilator, and Baahubali have paved the way for regional cinema to flourish even in areas where Hindi is dominant. According to Kamal Gaichand, CEO of PVR Pictures, regional languages contribute to 15% of films screened, showcasing the diverse film preferences of audiences.

Vijay Deverakonda’s Journey

Vijay Deverakonda, a prominent actor in South Indian cinema, is a testament to the growing influence of regional cinema. His success with films like Arjun Reddy and Geetha Govindam reflects not only his acting prowess but also the rising prominence of Telugu cinema on a broader stage.

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Rajkummar Rao’s Inspiring Tale

Rajkummar Rao’s journey from Gurgaon to Bollywood is an inspiring story of overcoming challenges. His diverse roles in movies like Trapped, Newton, and Bareilly Ki Barfi showcase his acting prowess, earning him both critical acclaim and public adoration. Rajkummar’s story emphasizes that tenacity defines one’s character and shapes their destiny.

International Interest in Regional Cinema

International studios are recognizing the richness of Indian regional cinema. Fox Star Studios India, for instance, entered the Marathi film industry with Half Ticket in 2016. The success of regional films internationally signifies a broader appeal beyond linguistic boundaries.

Shivani Sharma’s Experience

Shivani Sharma’s journey from Palamu, Jharkhand, to regional cinema exemplifies how it provides opportunities for budding actors. Working in regional films has not only offered her quality roles but has also paved the way for opportunities in the Hindi industry. Shivani’s story challenges societal norms and serves as an inspiration for others.

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South Regional Film Industry’s Triumph

The success of Telugu film Pushpa: The Rise, grossing over 250 crores, highlights the growing influence of South Indian cinema. The film’s success in Hindi-speaking regions emphasizes the expanding reach of regional films. Big-budget films like RRR and Liger featuring both regional and Hindi stars further contribute to this trend.

Malayalam Film’s Oscar Entry

The selection of the Malayalam film 2018 as India’s official entry to the Oscars signifies the global recognition of regional cinema. Tovino Thomas, the film’s lead actor, sees it as a reflection of resilience in the face of adversity, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the people of Kerala during the 2018 floods.

The Importance of Regional Cinema

Regional cinema significantly contributes to the diversity of Indian films, setting it apart globally. Films like Court, Baahubali, and Bangalore highlight the bold and inventive storytelling present in regional territories. It plays a crucial role in portraying India on the global cinematic stage.

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In conclusion, the rise and shine of regional cinema in India go beyond geographical and linguistic boundaries. It symbolize the rich tapestry of Indian culture and storytelling, contributing to the global recognition of Indian cinema.

By Palak Sharma

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