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1. the belief in and worship of a superhuman power or powers, especially a God or gods.

Religion is the most powerful tool used to better people but it can also do otherwise!

Let’s walk through the many crusades of religious wars!

The Gujarat 2002 bloodbath

During the political dispute surrounding Ram temple, Sabarmati Express was carrying Hindus right from Ayodhya when it was torched by Muslims killing 58 passengers, including women and children.

Hindu-Muslim riots are not uncommon in India, but Gujarat violence plumbed new depths of horror and brutality.

“all Jews must die”

27th of October 2018, when a gunman walks into a Shule in Pittsburgh synagog at The Tree of Life yelling, ‘all Jews must die’! Shooting 11 people dead and injuring 6.

So what do you think? Probably someone unstable or mentally unwell? Or did he kill to save his religious belief?


As long as there is religion, people are going to commit crimes targeting particular religions. Hard to believe?

Probably not. Let’s walk through the 2017 Halloween Horror!

“Allah Akbar” (god is great in Arabic)

“I will run over people who are not Muslims!” Thought Sayfullo Saipov, when on a Halloween afternoon Saipov used a 6,000-pound truck to strike more than 20 innocent people on the Hudson River Bike Path in lower Manhattan. 8 dead and many critically injured including a 14-year-old.

Religion does have the potential to spark violence.

Let’s not delve into terrorist and militant groups carrying out their deadly attacks to prove that their religion is superior.

Religion can be a very powerful social force.

How Leaders Used Religion?

Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi were both empowered by their faith. Through their actions, they managed to change cultural attitudes and put a stop to oppressive government policies.

Gandhi of course was born a Hindu but his interpretation of Hinduism was his own. He chose the tool of nonviolence and we remember him for how well he used it!

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Humans can live without religion but they can’t live without spirituality. (A topic for another day)

These are two different entities that get intertwined due to the lack of awareness among people. We at True To Life will be happy to dive deep into your Spiritual quest in our follow-up articles! So stick around folks!

By the way, what are you believing in then? Can you be a better person without religion?

Do you stand by India’s constitution, a view that gives an equal place to all religions in the country, privileging none?

By, Raunaq Borah.

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