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The Desperate Need to Go Viral Leading to Food Wastage

As an avid social media user, I have witnessed firsthand the overwhelming desire for online virality. The allure of internet fame has led many to pursue increasingly outrageous and attention-grabbing content. Unfortunately, this desperate need to go viral has taken a toll on various aspects of our lives, including the alarming rise in food wastage. In this article, I will explore the connection between the pursuit of online fame, street food culture, and the unfortunate wastage that accompanies it, shedding light on a pressing issue that demands our attention.

The Temptation of Going Viral:

In today’s fast-paced digital era, the drive to create viral content has become an obsession for many individuals. The prospect of instant recognition, fame, and potentially financial gain can be incredibly enticing. Social media platforms have become virtual arenas where content creators battle it out for attention and followers. However, this relentless pursuit of virality often comes at a steep price, particularly when it involves street food and other consumables.

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Street Food Culture and Virality:

Street food has always held a special place in our hearts. The tantalizing aromas, unique flavors, and vibrant atmospheres draw us towards these culinary treasures. With the advent of social media, street food vendors have capitalized on the opportunity to showcase their delicious offerings to a broader audience. However, the pressure to create viral-worthy content has inadvertently led to a worrying trend of food wastage

Food as a Prop, Not as Nourishment:

In the race for online recognition, the focus often shifts from appreciating the nourishing qualities of food to viewing it as a mere prop for gaining attention. The preparation of extravagant meals or the acquisition of excessive amounts of food becomes a means to an end, overshadowing the essence of food as sustenance and nourishment. This mindset fosters a culture of wastefulness, where the value of food is reduced to its visual appeal and shock factor.


The relentless pursuit of online virality has inadvertently fueled the alarming rise in food wastage. As a society, we must recognize the detrimental effects of our actions on the environment, resources, and the global fight against hunger. By cultivating a collective consciousness that values responsible consumption, sustainable practices, and the significance of food, we can begin to reverse this wasteful trend. Let us redirect our focus from empty online fame to making a positive impact on the world, starting with reducing food wastage and embracing a more conscious approach to our digital presence.

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By, Varsha P.

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