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Welcome our fellow Gen Zers!

What’s making headlines these days? Well, TrueToLife invites you to dive into the rollercoaster journey of Gender Identity/transgender individuals.

So buckle up!

Disclaimer: Now, we know this is a serious topic. Let’s respect everyone’s identity and pronouns while trying to understand the topic.

Hi Sir or Ma’am? How to greet they/them?

First things first, how do you even know if someone is transgender?

Well let’s not complicate and keep it simple. If someone tells you their gender identity, then that’s what it is – easy peasy!

Don’t worry if you mess up their pronouns, just say sorry and move on. We all make mistakes.

(Fun Fact: Mx – A gender neutral title! Believed to be in an article published in 19776.)

Why people even want to transition?

Do we sometimes wish to be like someone else? Or felt you are looking at a different person when looking at a mirror?

Maybe it’s how Trans folks feel about their bodies. Knowing deep down their gender identity not matching with what they were assigned at birth. Probably going ahead transitioning themselves to feel more like themselves.

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It’s no longer men wearing blue and women wearing pink!

We live in a time where gender norms are changing.

Look at the glam slam! Instagram, Facebook, YouTube is blazing with Transgender fashionistas showcasing their creativity and flair breaking traditional wardrobe boundaries! Embracing their own unique styles. The Social Media also portrays athletes, artists even having conventional jobs that Trans individuals excel in every walk of life.

What’s their agenda?

What TrueToLife concurs is that through local LGBTQ+ organizations, Trans people foster supportive communities and contribute to shaping a society that embraces diversity. Do we keep it that way?

Certainly! Or Not? : Challenges Trans individuals face

Check their platforms, which raises awareness and promotes inclusivity.

We have gathered a few notable figures for you:

1. Laverne Cox: Known for her role in the hit TV series “Orange Is the New Black,” shares the discrimination and violence faced by transgender women of color.

2. Jazz Jennings: The prominent transgender activist and reality TV star has faced bullying, exclusion and even challenges accessing medical care.

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3. Chaz Bono: Son of legendary entertainers Sonny and Cher. The charismatic artist courageously shares about the difficulties in receiving love and understanding from own family and friends.

As these individuals, among many others, share their stories to shed light on the unique challenges.

Let’s also acknowledge different perspectives:

Disclaimer (again): Its crucial to approach these discussions with empathy and respect. As it should work both ways!

Common concerns/opposing Trans rights:

1. Concerns about GID: Some argue that being transgender is a psychological disorder known as Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

2. Medical interventions: Such as hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgeries are unnecessary and potentially harmful.

3. Religious Beliefs: Certain religious beliefs can clash with acceptance of transgender individuals. Religious texts may lead some to believe that being transgender contradicts what God created, Men and Women, Boy and Girl.

4. Safety and Privacy: Allowing transgender individuals to use restrooms, facilities or participate in sports based on their gender identity could compromise the safety or fairness of women.

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TtL would like to cite the BBC article, where Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic athlete says she opposes Trans girls in women’s sports.

Described as the highest profile American to come out as Transgender! Said, “I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports. It just isn’t fair.”


A Wionarticle says there is scientific evidence that even after transition Male-to-Female trans athletes retain physical advantages in their bodies.

The article also showcases Trans athlete, Swimmer Lia Thomas winning Gold, a proud moment of swimming career but sparking backlash on Social Media.

Let’s wind up!

Some people might call this a mental illness and wish them all death, while the others want to throw them a parade. whatever the case maybe let’s remember,

Education, empathy, and promoting inclusivity are key to cultivating a more accepting and understanding society. Let’s not talk about what’s wrong or right but can we work it out without hurting anyone? The believers and non-believers!

By, Raunaq B and Rohit S.

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