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A Person’s Place At The Workplace.

All about gender equality at workplace

Since the ancient times, the history has given the proof of gender discrimination. The male and female were treated differently . Male were considered superior and female as inferior, but it changed gradually with time and women were also given a chance to get education and work.

Now it seems that there is gender equality , but is it really so?

1) Pay gap: payment of the salary offered to a man is not equal to that of woman’s . In spite of the job role being the same , the job time for both are same , the qualifications too, but not the pay.

2) Sky is not the limit, the gender is: the women working in any sectors have to limit themselves to the positions from where they have started. The men are given promotion as and when deserved but the women somewhere has to face a lot of barriers in the journey of her career growth and success.

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3) Underestimating women’s hard work: After all of the struggle , when a woman gets promoted for her hard work and talent and dedication people in the workplace underestimate it. It is often misinterpreted as nothing but sympathy shown to her because she is a female . When nothing works they say ‘ women get it easily .’

4) Gender stereotypes: certain job roles gender stereotyped and considered appropriate only for specific gender. For example: electrician should be a man and not a woman. Sometimes some kinds of work are counted into manly work which minimizes the scope for career opportunities for women.

Need of gender equality: It is necessary for each and every firm to act in unbiased manner , regardless of gender to grow in long run . Because we know that equality will bring everyone together and it is well said that United we stand divided we fall .” so in order to stand tall above all negatives and problems we need to bring equality at the workplaces.

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The workplace equality is a topic of concern for development of working women and so taking it into consideration many remedies are taken up to provide justice to women facing inequality at workplace. Benefits like maternity leave , reservation for women and Many laws and provisions are taken up and opportunities are given to the women . A good fine amount of opportunities in various fields are given to women. Thus women are able to stand tall in each field, from arts to science and law to commerce.

This is gratefully reducing the inequality at workplace setting the morals for coming generation of how a firm should be treating men and women with complete equality an no biased nature. As mentioned before it will not only cause betterment of the firm but will work for development of the country as whole. Each household will function smoothly and man and woman both will be able to life their life with pride.

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By, Kajal Hemant Vaze.

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