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Latest G20 Summit

A. What is G20?

The G20 or the group of 20 is the international organization of 19 countries and 2 unions ,the African union ( AU) and European (EU) . It is the composition of world’s top most largest economies. It was found in 1999 to address several world economic crisis .

B. Which countries are members of G20 ?

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, turkey, United Kingdom, United States, African union, European union are the members of G20.

C. What are objectives of G20 summit ?

G20 primarily works to deal with major climate change, international financial issues, global economical issues, sustainable development and inclusive growth.

D. What is contribution of India?

The summit of G20 was held twice a year , since France chaired and hosted G20 the summits have been held only once in year . Now it is for the first time when India has G20 presidency since December 2022 , with the theme ‘ Vasudhaiva Kautumbakam ‘ which means ‘ one earth , one family, one future ‘ in English. It is to be concluded by September 2023.

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E. When and where will be G20 summit 2023 held ?

G20 summit 2023 will be held between 9thand 10th September 2023 in Bharat Mandapam international exhibition convention centre, pragati maidan , New Delhi.

F. How will India get benefitted?

· India is likely to get more economic co-operation promoting growth and stability.

· G20 will provide platform for employment and trade with development.

· No doubt, it will benefit India as a whole, the venue of G20 summit is in Delhi. It will cause major development in Delhi, but what about other states and cities? This is causing suffering in locals and somewhere or the other the State other than Delhi are lacking behind resulting just rapid development in some specific metro cities of India.

By, Kajal hemant Vaze.

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