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Russian agents order poison-laced cafe food, dead

In a tragic turn of events three Russian Security agents met their demise after consuming food poisoned with arsenic and rat poison on Thursday in Ukraine. The poisoned food became the reason for the tragic death of Three Russian Security agents.

The incident is said to have occurred when they ate the food filled with Arsenic meal which was delivered to them after their order.

In what is now being considered as an act of resistance by Ukraine’s freedom fighters. The Food poisoned by them has led to the death of 3 security agents of Russia.

The security agents ordered food from a nearby restaurant. They unwittingly consumed the ordered food without detecting any kind of foul play that led to their tragic demise. The food is said to have been poisoned with arsenic and rat poison that led to their death. After consuming the food they all fell unconscious and were then rushed to a nearby hospital where they were declared dead while one of the soldiers is fighting for Life on life support system in the intensive care unit.

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Poisoning in war time has been common and prior incidents of such poisoning cases have also been reported.

Post investigation revealed that the Russian Security agents ordered the food from a nearby restaurant.Although upon investigation the restaurant owner denied the claims for poisoning in their restaurant food.He said that there was no involvement of him in the poisoning incident. Adding complexity to this the delivery agent is missing which intensifies the claims for arsenic poisoning. The mysterious disappearance of the delivery agent leads to the conclusion that the food was poisoned.

The Ukrainian telegram groups have affirmed that the incident was an act of resistance by their freedom fighters and that warfare transcends traditional weaponry.It is not only fought through bombs or guns it can be fought in other ways too. The Mayor of Kyiv has confirmed this incident of poisoning of Russian Security agents.

In a similar case some time ago a similar kind of meal was ordered to some other Russian soldiers in the form of cake and beer. But they had a narrow escape as they didn’t consume the meal.

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The enemy channels from Telegram are boasting of how in a similar incident several people consumed the poisoned food and were all killed. This kind of warfare is done by resistance fighters to cause destruction and terror amongst their enemies and hence Russia is at the receiving end of it.
Such tactics are being employed against Russia to drive them away from Ukraine.
The war between Russia and Ukraine is far from ending as Russia keeps on launching new offensive against Ukraine time and again. The escalation between both countries increases from time to time and With the support from US and other countries and the continuous supply of weapons to Ukraine has played a major role in escalation of this war.

There seems to be no end to this war which has led to death on a massive scale.
Source : times of India

By – Aisha Algazal
From Lucknow
Reporting for True to life

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