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9 killed in blast at explosive factory in Nagpur

Nine people were killed and 6 injured due to the explosion ina unit of the Solar Industries India Limited company , an explosive manufacturer , located near Bazargaon village inMaharashtra. The blast occurred during the morning shift around 8:35 a.m on Sunday.

According to sources it is sated that the rescue operations were held after the blast but was somehow delayed due tosafety protocols.

“It was during the on going work in the unit that the blast took place , ” confirms the Superintendent of Police of Nagpur(Rural ) , Harsh Poddar , while speaking to TrueToLife on Sunday.

“The accident occurred at 8:35 in the morning , due a sudden blast in the company’s unit . There were more than 15 workers present in the industry and the one’s in that particular unit were affected while working . According to investigation 6 to 7 were severly injured and shifted to Nagpur for treatment while 9 were dead ,” shared the Officer-in- Charge S.Salvefrom Nagpur police while speaking to TrueToLife.

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The manufacturing of drones and explosives for the armed forces is done in this company . It consist of 12 units and there were almost 30 people present inside the company in which 9 are dead and 6 are severely injured and the ones who were near the unit where blast took place were mostly affected .

According to sources , the incident occurred in the cast booster plant of factory while the packaging of the products was going on. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in his tweet said that the state government will provide an ex-gratia of Rs.5 lakh to the families of victims and shared his condolence .

Angry locals and relatives of workers blocked highway and demanded to be allowed to see the bodies in premises. YuvrajCharode, Omeshwar Macchirke, Mita Uikey, Aarti Sahare, Swetali Marbate, Pushpa Manapure, Bhagyashree Lonare, Rumita Uikey and Mausam Patle were identified as the nine workers dead in the blast.

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The investigation is still in process.

Article from Rishika Dubey from Bhopal for TrueToLife.

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