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3 Delhi teens sexually assault 14-year-old at knifepoint

As per a PTI report, a 14-year-old boy in south Delhi’s affluent Hauz Khas area was purportedly coerced into licking shoes and engaging in “unnatural sex” with three companions. The incident occurred on Sunday while he was returning home from playing at Connaught Place’s Central Park. Subsequently, the act was recorded and shared with his mother.

Investigation team said to ‘True to Life’ , “An FIR has been registered in Hauz Khas Police station. Accused were sent under Juvenile Justice Board yesterday. Accused are friends of the victim, they bullied him in a very wrong way. Have given them 377 act of IPC and section 12 of the POCSO act.

He was on his way home at approximately 6:30 pm when three friends, aged between 12 and 14 years old, allegedly coerced him into accompanying them to a secluded area. According to the police, one of the accused used a vegetable knife to force the complainant to perform oral sex. The trio also recorded the incident on their mobile phone.

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The alleged video of the incident depicted the boy being compelled to crouch under threat of a knife, and he was forced to lick shoes and engage in unnatural sexual acts, according to the police.

The incident was brought to attention on Sunday night when another friend of the victim sent the video to the boy’s mother, who then filed a complaint with the police. The accused individuals have been arrested and are currently being interrogated.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Ankit Chauhan stated that the accused, aged between 12 and 14, carried out the crime to intimidate the victim after a disagreement with him a few days earlier. A senior police officer mentioned that the accused threatened the victim with severe consequences if he disclosed the incident to anyone. Due to fear of retaliation, the victim kept his ordeal hidden from his parents.

The police have filed an FIR under Sections 377 (unnatural sex) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC, as well as Section 12 of the POCSO Act (sexual harassment). They arranged for the boy to undergo a medical examination and receive counselling. According to the police, the victim is the son of a migrant labourer and resides in rented accommodation with his parents.

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Such traumatic experiences can have significant psychological effects on the victim, including feelings of humiliation, shame, and powerlessness. It can lead to long-term emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Victims may also experience difficulties in trusting others and forming healthy relationships. Seeking support from trusted individuals and professionals can be crucial in coping with such trauma.

Parents can create an environment where children feel comfortable talking about their experiences and concerns and encourage them to share any incidents of bullying or discomfort with their friends. Emphasising the importance of treating others with respect and kindness , encouraging a child to stand up for their friends and speak out against bullying behaviour can prevent these scenarios. Keeping an eye on a child’s social interactions and observing any changes in their behaviour or mood that may indicate they are being bullied or are involved in bullying behaviour themselves.
Teaching your child about personal boundaries and the importance of respecting others’ boundaries, helping them recognize when their own boundaries are being crossed and how to assertively communicate their needs is very important now-a-days.

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By Ankitaa Bal,
From Kolkata,
Reporting for ‘True To Life’

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